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How to add exercise to my diary Jan 25, 2018 07:56AM PST

Can't find a way to add exercise to my diary using the web site. I search the database, find the exercise...

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Hello, For the past 2-3 weeks I have been using the workout app on the Gen 1 Apple Watch to track calories ...

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Les Mills Body Pump? Jan 24, 2018 12:47PM PST

Can you add Les Mills Body Pump to our options of exercises? I see you have other Les Mills programs as optio...

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Fitbit Charge 2 - extra steps being counted Jan 23, 2018 01:03PM PST

The last 3 times I have been to the gym my fitbit and my fitness pal have synced with each other and seem to h...

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Calories burned different from yesterday Jan 23, 2018 11:41AM PST

Yesterday, I earned 53 calories for a walk of approximately 15 minutes and one mile. Today I took the same wal...

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Deleted entery Jan 23, 2018 10:21AM PST

I accidentally deleted my Garmin Connect Steps from my Exercise Diary. How can I put them back to get credit f...

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Adding a workout Jan 22, 2018 06:48PM PST

Can I enter a beach body 80 day obsession workout?

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exercise and muscle Jan 22, 2018 11:58AM PST

Question is that I had 64 pounds to lose and am doing okay, was told that if I start working out fat turns to ...

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MFP still not syncing all exercises with Apple Health Jan 22, 2018 09:03AM PST

I was hoping this would be resolved by now (it has been a known MFP bug for about 1 year or more) but I can sa...

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Why are my exercise times and calories automatically doubling from my Garmin Connect? Jan 22, 2018 06:25AM PST

When I go for a run and use my Garmin device, I review the times, calories and other stats afterwards. However...

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