Exercise Diary and Exercise Database

accupedo Jan 30, 2017 01:48PM PST

why wont my accupedo sync with my fitness pal correctly

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Is there a way to push calories burned from myfitnesspal into Garmin Connect? Jan 30, 2017 12:33PM PST

I have a Garmin Vivoactive HR+. It does not sync with an external HR monitor-which I prefer to use. So I use m...

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Aqua Aerobics Jan 30, 2017 12:19PM PST

What would I put for Aqua Aerobics on my Exercise Diary?

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Need font size increased in APP Jan 29, 2017 04:39PM PST

Difficult to read while exercising....doesn't appear you have fixed this yet

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Map My Walk and MFP Calories Different? Jan 28, 2017 04:38PM PST

Why are the Activity Calories transferred to My Fitness Pal from Map My Walk always "Less Than" the ...

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10,000 daily steps Jan 28, 2017 05:05AM PST

I just want to record when i've achieved 10,000 i don't want it to impact calories burned etc...Wher...

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Tired of searcing Jan 27, 2017 06:48PM PST

Is there a better way to see what is in the exercise database, like a list? I can't find anything in the ...

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under Armour calorie adjustment Jan 27, 2017 10:00AM PST

Can someone please give me a more simpler understanding to how the calorie adjustment works as i do not get th...

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Calorie Sync with Fitbit Jan 27, 2017 08:20AM PST

the food diary is syncing with my fitbit but my exercise diary seems not to be syncing with my fitbit. mainly...

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Syncing with MapMyHike Jan 25, 2017 03:30PM PST

I have a Garmin Fenix 3 which syncs to MapMyHike. I'm not getting the MMH workouts synced into MFP. Doe...

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