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I want to ensure my exercise is NOT being counted Sep 26, 2018 03:42PM PDT

I want to ensure my exercise is NOT being counted - is there a way to do this? Only want to track my calori...

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Adding Steps Sep 24, 2018 02:32AM PDT

Can we enter steps onto the APP without having to try and convert it into minutes? My watch tracks my steps a...

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Adding exercise Sep 19, 2018 04:20PM PDT

I use my apple watch to track my steps. When I exercise it adds more calories through my apple watch and its s...

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If I workout very early in the morning it will sync to the incorrect day Sep 19, 2018 06:15AM PDT

If I workout early in the morning at 5 am it will sync to the incorrect day from Polar Flow to MFP and instead...

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exercise data from health app Sep 18, 2018 03:41PM PDT

my exercise from the health app on my iphone is not appearing in MFP and adding to available calories. It w...

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Exercise not adding to calories remaining at bottom of food diary. Sep 17, 2018 01:30PM PDT

Hey everyone, My exercise calories are not increasing my daily calories left (at the BOTTOM of the food dia...

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adding yoga to exercise Sep 17, 2018 07:29AM PDT

How do i add yoga to my exercise diary. It is only giving me the choice between cardio and strength. I can f...

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I want to sync veryfitpro and myfitness pal Sep 16, 2018 02:21PM PDT

Is there going to be an update to sync these two apps?

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My calories from my step counter are overridden if MFP syncs with MapMyRun Sep 13, 2018 12:22PM PDT

Hi there By using the step counter functionality built in to MFP (through iPhone 6S), it had calculated I h...

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Connecting MFP with apple watch Sep 13, 2018 11:13AM PDT

I have tried EVERYTHING and my workouts are still not showing up on MFP. Everything was just fine until I acc...

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