Exercise Diary and Exercise Database

Calorie Adjustment not working Oct 20, 2017 03:24PM PDT

I have MyFitnessPal synced up with Samsung Health in order to sync steps and other exercise data. This has bee...

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Step Count Oct 20, 2017 10:22AM PDT

Can I translate the exercise activity I've done into steps? I am inputting the exercise I do daily but it...

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Sync Garmin Connect Activity With MFP Oct 19, 2017 04:41AM PDT

Hello! I successfully synchronize my Garmin Connect with MFP (at least it is showing as connected) BUT... C...

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syncing Oct 17, 2017 01:57PM PDT

Can I sync my map my walk with myfitness pal? and if so how?

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Physical Therapy Oct 16, 2017 05:07PM PDT

Hi... I've just started physical therapy for an injured knee and would like to try and figure out how man...

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Samsung Health keeps adding exercises to MFP that shouldn't be there Oct 16, 2017 02:13PM PDT

I have Samsung Health linked with my MyFitnessPal app. Due to some exercises being imported into Samsung Healt...

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Exercise calories come and go on MFP! Frustrating, I just want to add calories as my day goes on Oct 16, 2017 01:28PM PDT

This has got to be an app issue, because my fitness pal (synched with my fitbit) always shows that it has trac...

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Running with Apple Watch Oct 15, 2017 12:29PM PDT

I used NIKE+ with my apple watch to track treadmill runs. My fitness club no longer supports NIKE, so suggest...

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adding calories burned Oct 13, 2017 10:26AM PDT

my fitbit is tracking my steps and then syncing with MFP and giving me extra calories to eat, but my exercise ...

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Issues with S7, Gear 2 watch, Samsung Health app Oct 11, 2017 07:07AM PDT

So I'm using the Samsung Health app to track my steps and exercise. I have a gear S2 watch synced with my...

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