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The exercise I enter on my phone app does not sync with my account (what I see on my computer). Wher Aug 02, 2017 06:47AM PDT

I checked the board, and see this has been an issue for over a year. It has just recently appeared for me. W...

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CALORIE Aug 01, 2017 01:34PM PDT

In my page all looks good , however , under all the numbers.......... I have a big number in red and under the...

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calorie adjustment Jul 31, 2017 07:54AM PDT

My calorie adjustment is not working and I have read the FAQ's multiple times about this. Please help!

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Exercise Not Appearing on Food Log Jul 29, 2017 08:18AM PDT

On website,sometimes after entering an exercise, the corresponding data from the exercise is not appearing in ...

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You've earned 5,878,989 extra calories Jul 27, 2017 09:42AM PDT

Thinking something might be off -- July 26 - *You've earned 5,878,989 extra calories from exercise today ...

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posting the correct exercise Jul 26, 2017 04:10PM PDT

I started to use an upper body ergometer. I would like to post this on my exercises. I am using the bike cal...

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Can you stop Fitbit automatically adding calories and exercise to your diary? Jul 26, 2017 01:43PM PDT

I have recently bought a fitbit and succesfully synced the Fitbit Tracker app and MFP. I love the way I can s...

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an error Jul 26, 2017 08:30AM PDT

I've made a mistake in entering my cardio exercise. I am unable to delete, please help!

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Burned calories not appearing Jul 26, 2017 01:24AM PDT

Hi - is anyone else having a similar issue when adding exercise to your diary and then it not appearing when y...

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Exercise not showing up when I do 2 separate sessions Jul 24, 2017 01:52PM PDT

I frequently have 2 sessions per day. Today I swam 1.85 km then I had a short session on the bike. When I try ...

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