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Not showing exercise numbers Mar 15, 2018 06:09PM PDT

I have my fitbit paired to myfitnesspal app, and in the area where you have goal - food + exercise = remaining...

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HIIT Mar 15, 2018 09:52AM PDT

Why do you not have anything at all to do with HIIT, or even interval training? You have mowing the lawn or Wi...

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Steps Mar 14, 2018 07:45PM PDT

How do I get my steps to show up on my exercise log?

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Question about Google Fit and Tracking Mar 14, 2018 08:16AM PDT

Hi, just have a quick question about google fit and MFP syncing. So I have been using my android phone and goo...

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Calorie calculation seems off Mar 14, 2018 02:07AM PDT

HI, in the last two weeks the calories burned whilst exercising have dropped dramatically to under half the va...

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exercise videos Mar 12, 2018 08:59PM PDT

How do I enter exercises done to a video - one that includes squats, lunges, crunches, etc.

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need to add as reps Mar 12, 2018 06:18PM PDT

I use a bunch of machines at the gym that are not listed in the data base or use the generic "gym, abs/co...

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Gear S3 steps shoing up on gear app but not on android phone app Mar 12, 2018 10:23AM PDT

Hi, When I look at myfitnesspal app on the Gear S3 watch it shows my steps but on the android myfitnesspal ...

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Pickle ball Feb 19, 2018 09:57AM PST

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, can you please figure out minutes burned for playing pickleball. It is the fastest growi...

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Exercise not showing on news feed Feb 05, 2018 05:15AM PST

I am wondering if there's an update on the problem of exercises not appearing in the news feed? They sync...

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