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Steps showing up, but no calorie adjustment (UA Band, iOS) Jun 13, 2017 01:55PM PDT

Hi - I have reached my goal of over 10,000 steps today, but MFP says I've done 0 exercise. That is to say...

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Missing Exercise Jun 12, 2017 07:46PM PDT

I did two different workouts using my Apple watch exercise tracker. Only one is showing in my feed and in my c...

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planks missing from strength database? Jun 12, 2017 01:23PM PDT

I can't seem to find "Planks" (which appears to be a relatively new exercise) in the database. ...

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S-Health MyFitnessPal Gear Fit 2 Exercise adding looping Jun 11, 2017 12:54PM PDT

Hi, the gear fit 2 is syncing exercise which is good, but it has bugged out on one of my days and it's dr...

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MyFitnessPal calorie different than S Health Step count Jun 10, 2017 07:45AM PDT

My Gear fit step and calorie count is sync to S-Health, but when syncing from S-health to My FitnessPal, the s...

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Syncing data from both Fitbit and Polar Flow Jun 10, 2017 03:13AM PDT

Hello! I have connected my Fitbit account with Myfitness pal and have been using the two together successfully...

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google fit sync exercises Jun 08, 2017 01:01PM PDT

I have google fit synced to count my steps, however, once I added an exercise (aerobics) on myfitnesspal, all ...

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Syncing w/ Fitbit Jun 08, 2017 10:13AM PDT

I'm having an issue- I have my app synced with my FitBit app, which auto logs my workouts from my fitn...

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How can I create a workout like I can create a recipe? Jun 07, 2017 02:16PM PDT

I have three lists of exercises from my physical therapist. One of them is for every day, one of them is for ...

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Garmin/ myfitnesspal calorie tracker Jun 07, 2017 11:50AM PDT

I only want to track calories from workouts. For my purposes, tracking "active calories" defeats my ...

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