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FItbit Blaze Activity Apr 16, 2016 06:35AM PDT

I recently changed my activity tracker from Garmin to the Fitbit Blaze and when I sync - the activity doesn&#x...

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Tracking mileage and time Apr 15, 2016 06:54AM PDT

Will the app convert entries of distance and time into calories burned? I can pull a calorie readout from my t...

Exercise displays 0 Apr 13, 2016 07:25PM PDT

I have added exercise for the day however it does not display at the top of the app, it only shows 0

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Negative adjustment Apr 13, 2016 01:20PM PDT

In my settings there is no BOX to click?? Check the box for “Enable Negative Adjustments” then click “Sav...

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Swimming calorie calculation - formula/equations Apr 13, 2016 11:21AM PDT

I was wondering if the tech support staff have the references for formula/equation which the various swimming ...

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Intermittent fasting diet Apr 13, 2016 09:55AM PDT

I'm trying to follow intermittent fasting diet, where you fast for two days (less than 500 calories a day...

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wrong calorie adjustment from fitbit Apr 13, 2016 08:36AM PDT

I use fitbit for logging steps and some of my workouts. I use Mapmyfitness for swimming and Strava for biking ...

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Fitbit calories burned from exercise not showing up in MFP Apr 12, 2016 07:42PM PDT

I am really confused. Previously, I was using My Fitness Pal to record steps and Map My Ride to record exercis...

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I would like to list my steps separately that I take on my treadmill from my overall steps. Apr 12, 2016 05:33PM PDT

I would like to list my steps separately that I take on my treadmill from my overall steps for the day. I do n...

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Fitbit not syning to My fitness pal Apr 12, 2016 11:07AM PDT

Is anyone else having problems with their Fitbit not syncing today? I have tried everything and it won't...

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