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Fitbit Steps May 23, 2018 06:23AM PDT

Hi, MFP app is logging my correct Fitbit steps but not showing calories at all, it just shows 0 next to steps....

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Unable to choose Samsung Health / Samsung device as Steps counter May 12, 2018 07:08AM PDT

Hi, I have an iPhone 5S running iOS 11.3. Until recently, I had been using the UA Band to track steps/sleep...

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It is adding exercise calories to calories eaten instead of subtracting.

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Apple Watch Activity Counting Twice May 09, 2018 02:50PM PDT

On occasion, MyFitnessPal counts my Apple Watch Activity twice. I have seen others post similar occasions whe...

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Loss of 5 years Data May 08, 2018 08:30PM PDT

I had an issue with my phone getting water damaged. when I re installed the app on my new phone and added all ...

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I don't understand negative calories adjustment? May 08, 2018 01:17PM PDT

I linked MyFitnessPal with my vivofit (Garmin Connect) and enabled negative calories since I use my vivofit co...

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MFP wont sync to Fitbit May 07, 2018 03:35PM PDT

My fitbit doesn't seem to want to sync to MFP. None of my steps or exercises are showing. I have tried ev...

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Garmin steps not showing in MFP May 07, 2018 02:21PM PDT

Why is MFP not showing my steps as exercise? They show in my Garmin app? I see that this is reaccuring issue w...

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FitBit Steps May 01, 2018 08:18AM PDT

My fitbit is connected to myfitness pal. My weight is automatically updated when I weigh on my fitbit aria sc...

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Fitbit calorie adjustment data Apr 30, 2018 07:28PM PDT

I mistakenly deleted my fitbit calorie adjustment from the other day. I attempted to re-sink the tracker but t...

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