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Facebook profile picture Feb 09, 2016 01:23PM PST

Why does the app not automatically update your myfitnesspal profile pic to the Facebook profile pic when conne...

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I can't post or like anything on the myfitnesspal facebook page. Jan 17, 2016 05:14PM PST

For some reason, I can no longer post or like pages on the myfitnesspal Facebook page. This is a recent proble...

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cocoa error 3072 Jan 11, 2016 09:09AM PST

Whenever I try to log in to the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone 5S, I get "Alert, The Operation Couldn'...

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Logging in to app not working Jan 04, 2016 09:47AM PST

Haven't been on for a while yet am able to connect on a PC outside of the app I use for android and used ...

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Failed to Connect with Facebook - Google Nexus 6P Dec 22, 2015 06:27AM PST

I have a MFP account and it used to be connected to Facebook while I logged in. On my old Samsung Galaxy S5 I ...

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Facebook won't connect to MFP Dec 17, 2015 12:33PM PST

How can I get MFP to connect with my Facebook? Every time I try, i get an error. On my iPhone, it says, "...

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Facebook invite Dec 13, 2015 05:56AM PST

What text appears on Facebook if I send my FB friends an invite? Before doing this I want to know what it wil...

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Getting an Error "Failed ti connect to Facebook. Please check your connection and try again" Help! Nov 20, 2015 06:53AM PST

Getting an Error "Failed ti connect to Facebook. Please check your connection and try again" Help!&q...

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Logging to MFP via Facebook when you already have a MFP account Nov 18, 2015 11:03PM PST

I see the option for logging into MFP when you don't have an account yet, however, I already had my MFP a...

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Making mfp speak to facebook Nov 04, 2015 04:49AM PST

Hi I have changed my settings so that my weight loss only is posted on facebook but it is not working. Can yo...

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