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nutrition May 24, 2018 05:52PM PDT

I'm 73 and trying to eat healthy. Based on my height, my total calorie intake is 1200. My dairy goal fo...

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An active group has an AWOL owner and no other editors/moderators assign May 24, 2018 04:17PM PDT

How can the group get things changed without an active owner of a group? This is a very active group as well. ...

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Is there any way to see the forum posts/comments I liked/'hugged'/etc.? May 16, 2018 12:14AM PDT

To clarify, I'm not talking about which of MY posts/comments are liked, but OTHER MFP members' posts...

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Send to multiple recipients using the message board? May 10, 2018 02:12PM PDT

Can you send a message to multiple recipients using the MFP message board system?

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You need the Vanilla.Discussions.View permission to do that. May 04, 2018 08:29AM PDT

I know that others have this same problem. I was attempting to update my bookmarks as there are some posts tha...

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Bookmarking dicussions May 03, 2018 03:26AM PDT

Suddenly I don't seem to be able to do this. I get a notification saying I need vanilla permissions?? ...

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can't favorite or star community (group) threads Apr 29, 2018 10:25AM PDT

I know this was reported earlier this week by another user, but there continues to be a problem with “starring...

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Can I access forums and groups through mobile app? Apr 27, 2018 02:51AM PDT

I'm using the iOS mobile app (updated to the latest version), and I can't find groups, forums or blo...

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data breach and remedies Apr 24, 2018 03:28PM PDT

are you going to provide free credit watch for us? that is the least you can do for allowing user name and p...

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Don't have permission to leave a group. Apr 21, 2018 01:50PM PDT

Trying to opt out of a group, and when I tap "leave group" up pops a box that states I don't ha...

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