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App lost connection Aug 13, 2019 11:58AM PDT

I have been using MyFitnessPal for about a year. I link MFP to my Apple Watch (and iPhone) to track my activi...

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No exercise calories synced despite fitbit steps recording Aug 07, 2019 08:29AM PDT

For a period of around a month, MFP is no longer recording calories gained from steps from my Fitbit (inspire)...

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fitbit Aug 07, 2019 06:22AM PDT

I've been logging in Fitbit for years and I would like to start logging food in MFP. Will MFP overwrite a...

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Trying to sync my fitbit ...have tried everything Aug 07, 2019 05:24AM PDT

I have been trying to connect my Fitbit to my fitness pal, it tells me that it is already connected and I can ...

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Google Fit Aug 04, 2019 12:49PM PDT

I am trying to track my workouts with Google Fit on My Fitness Pal and I am not seeing the option to link it. ...

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fitbit Jul 26, 2019 02:35PM PDT

how do I delete the fitbit ap from my fitness pal?

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fitbit won't sync Jul 19, 2019 04:41PM PDT

Ive tried connecting and disconnecting several times and it still won't sync on either app

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Trying to Disconnect Strava and Fitbit from MyFitnessPal, but it says it's unable to disconnect. Jul 19, 2019 08:39AM PDT

I just switched from a Fitbit to a Garmin watch, and I added Garmin Connect to MyFitnessPal. Since Connect...

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S-Health Step Correction Feb 07, 2019 03:03PM PST

I've set my activity level in my profile settings to get a more accurate calorie goal. I wear a Gear S3 w...

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App integration to sync data from Weight Gurus or Fitbit? Feb 05, 2019 11:31AM PST

I'm trying to get my weight information to flow from my Weight Gurus scale through Fitbit to My Fitness P...

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