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Sync with Iwownfit trackers Jun 22, 2017 11:14PM PDT

Hi, Have used Myfitnesspal for tracing my food intake for years and would not swap it to any other app. Lat...

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Fitbit Connect Jun 22, 2017 09:14PM PDT

I have been trying to connect my fitbit and myfitnesspal so that I dont have to enter things twice. I have det...

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Unable to log into app - 'unable to connect to the server to log you in". Jun 22, 2017 04:18AM PDT

I have been trying to log into the app, but repeatedly get an error message that tells me "we were unable...

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Withings wi-fi scale Jun 20, 2017 07:44PM PDT

I'm trying to get the app for the Withings wifi scale however I keep getting this message; Error: invalid...

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myfitnesspal integration Jun 15, 2017 01:34PM PDT

Howdy, I had an old MFP log in which I no longer use and am unable to attach my fitbit to my new account info....

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FitBit Not syncing Jun 14, 2017 02:14PM PDT

I have tried to connect my fitbit to myfitnesspal. Each time I do, it says there is another acct connected to ...

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change tickers and badges to kilos instead of pounds Jun 09, 2017 01:08AM PDT

would it be possible to change the progress tickers and badges from pounds to kilos?

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No Longer Supporting Striiv? Jun 08, 2017 10:24AM PDT

I sent a question to Striiv tech support because my adjusted steps per day goal in the Striiv app was not bein...

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S Health Jun 05, 2017 07:22AM PDT

What do I have to do to get the Food Intake information into the S Health App? I've set the data permiss...

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Have tried everything to sync Fitbit and MFP!! Jun 04, 2017 07:55AM PDT

I am having issues syncing my Fitbit to MFP account. I previously had an account but deleted it awhile ago. I ...

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