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No calorie adjustment when only steps are recorded in Garmin Jan 27, 2017 08:57AM PST

When I record activities on My Garmin Vivofit 2, I will see a calorie adjustment in MFP. I have the negative ...

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FitBit Jan 26, 2017 09:25AM PST

My fitbit was connected and syncing for years... on December 29th it stopped sycning with MyFitnessPal. I hav...

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MFP & Runkeeper are not syncing Jan 26, 2017 09:18AM PST

Up until a few days ago, the RunKeeper feed has stopped showing up in MFP. I have disconnected and reconnected...

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Calories entered not syncing with Fitbit Jan 25, 2017 07:20AM PST

I have entered my morning meal on MFP but it is not coming over to Fitbit. I see that in MFP it says my Fitbi...

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Where Can I See My Fitbit Steps? Jan 21, 2017 07:15PM PST

I have attached my Fitbit to MyFitnessPal, but I don't see my steps anywhere either on my phone or my PC ...

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Fitbit exercise adjustment not showing up in MFP Jan 17, 2017 06:07PM PST

After several weeks of wearing my fitbit, I decided to connect it to my MFP account tonight. I followed the i...

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fitbit sync Jan 17, 2017 04:51PM PST

My fitnesspal stopped synching to my fitbit app. I have unlinked on the fitbit side but myfitnesspal app cont...

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Link to Endomondo Jan 16, 2017 08:06AM PST

Hi My link to Endomondo seems to have failed. I haven't used MFP for some time and it linked before. ...

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MFP/Fit Bit Blaze not sycing Jan 11, 2017 11:13AM PST

Hello, I have been trying to integrate my fit bit with myfitnesspal for two weeks now. Here is what I h...

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Not synching with Fitbit Jan 10, 2017 01:34PM PST

When I "connect" MFP to Fitbit, it says that I am already connected. And yet, the calories that I en...

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