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Linking iHealth to MFP Aug 11, 2017 11:27AM PDT

How do I link iHearth to MFP? I can't find the app in the gallery. Thanks.

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Fitbit Projection does not update! Aug 05, 2017 03:46PM PDT

It's way past the end of the previous day and the fitbit calorie adjustment does not correct itself using...

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Misfit not Syncing with MFP Aug 04, 2017 10:22PM PDT

If it's a 'known' issue and has been for quite some time, when is it that we can expect a fix? ...

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Hi, you can download the program in Arabic and thank you Aug 04, 2017 01:20AM PDT

Hi, you can download the program in Arabic and thank you

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Double dipping Aug 01, 2017 10:50AM PDT

So if I went for a walk after lunch, should I put that in under "exercise" on myfitnesspal or should...

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Biostrap Support Jul 25, 2017 11:10AM PDT

Are there any plans to support Biostrap ( in the App Gallery?

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I am unable to log into the app or sync Jul 17, 2017 01:46PM PDT

Is there a problem with the App? I am unable to log in or sync. Thanks

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logging into Map my Walk Jul 14, 2017 08:44AM PDT

I cannot log into any of the Map my walk, Map my run, etc sites. It says I already have an account but will n...

Misfit Shine is connected but doesn't register any exercise Jul 12, 2017 07:31PM PDT

I have connected my Misfit Shine 2 in the Misfit app and confirmed that it's a connected device in the MF...

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Spire Jul 12, 2017 02:28PM PDT

I have a Spire which tracks my steps and stress, but it isn't in your app gallery. How do I go about gett...

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