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MFP not syncing calories with Garmin Connect? Sep 21, 2016 02:27AM PDT

My Fitness Pal doesn't seem to be syncing calories with Garmin Connect; is this a known fault or does any...

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Fitbit not connecting Sep 20, 2016 07:57PM PDT

I have a new fitbit and I cannot get MFP to recognize it and get the step count. It says they are connected -...

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MFP isn't picking up my calorie burn from my Fitbit Sep 20, 2016 06:53AM PDT

MFP has successfully picked up my calorie burn from my Fitbit for past year. Suddenly, no calorie adjustment ...

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Myfitnesspal won't sync to fit bit Sep 20, 2016 04:10AM PDT

Even after the "fix" from where myfitnesspal was broken last night, it still won't sync. I dis...

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Sync with Fitbit Sep 19, 2016 12:41PM PDT

All of a sudden my Fitnesspal App is not finding my fitbit steps? Last night it was working fine, today it wo...

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old account Sep 18, 2016 04:53PM PDT

I have my first account I opened with you guys under the email I want to have it dele...

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not able to connect fitbit aria Sep 18, 2016 02:40PM PDT

it says I have more then one account hooked up to the scale. I just started using the scale and only have one ...

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When will you allow connection with the new Misfit Ray? Sep 16, 2016 06:28PM PDT

My Misfit Shine died and I bought a Misfit Ray assuming it would synch to my fitnesspal like the Shine did. Sa...

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Syncing from Fitbit to MFP Sep 16, 2016 02:43PM PDT

Is there any way of syncing the food I enter in the Fitbit website _to_ MFP? I started with the Fitbit site an...

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Can't Sync food diary with Trainingpeaks. Sep 15, 2016 06:15AM PDT

Can't Sync food diary with Trainingpeaks. I have connected and disconnected but no diary info in showing ...

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