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Premium web and iPhone app Jul 23, 2019 06:57AM PDT

If I upgraded on the web, will this also apply to my iPhone app? I want it on my iPhone but happen to process...

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Price jump from 9.99 to 10.59 Jul 19, 2019 07:30AM PDT

Title says it all. What happened?

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i have premium account and want to cancel Jul 19, 2019 01:16AM PDT

I think my premium account is on another google account that i cant log into because i am still being charged ...

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Daily calorie and macro goals not reflected in diary Jul 17, 2019 09:09PM PDT

I finally decided to try premium since it offers day-to-day macro goals and calorie goals, e.g. separate nutri...

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re loggin Jul 17, 2019 01:51PM PDT

As I'm updating my daily meals, on website, it keeps logging me out and not updating changes. Happened 5 ...

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Each time I try to enter a meal item I am being logged out Jul 17, 2019 01:15PM PDT

I am using a MacBook Pro Mojave 10.14.5. I just finished my first week and until this afternoon I have not had...

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payment Jul 15, 2019 02:24PM PDT

I just updated my credit card information. When will I be able to enter into my food log

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Stop adding exercise calaries Jul 15, 2019 11:27AM PDT

Please can someone give instructions on how to stop MFP adding exercise calories. Exercise calories is swi...

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Cannot complete my diary Jul 15, 2019 05:50AM PDT

I am not able to complete my diary for the past week and the MFP app is saying that I have not "logged in...

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fiber Jul 14, 2019 05:33AM PDT

i wnt to see my fiber intake on dailly food diary but dont know how i know if i go on nutrition and scroll dow...

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