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Illegal charging of credit card Apr 18, 2018 10:52AM PDT

Anyone else have their canceled premium membership "autorenew" without their authorization?

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Open Issue Apr 18, 2018 09:14AM PDT

I've had an open issue(1506056) since 4/11/18 with no response. Granted, its a pretty low impact issue, b...

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Net carb tracking Apr 17, 2018 03:16PM PDT

Are you working on a fix to be able to track net carbs?

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grams to percentages Apr 17, 2018 12:43PM PDT

How do I switch from grams to percentages on the macronutrients?

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Is there something wrong with the system? Apr 16, 2018 01:30PM PDT

I'm scanning products in and having issues that the macros don't add up to the correct calories base...

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Communication Apr 16, 2018 03:35AM PDT

Has anyone ben able to make contact with "myfitnesspal"? I have sent 5 emails and had zero responses...

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Renewed my premium subscription but premium features are not available Apr 14, 2018 06:40AM PDT

Hello, As others have mentioned in these support forums, I too an unable to use the premium features that I...

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Calorie & Micronutrients Goals - custom % keep reverting to default Apr 14, 2018 06:16AM PDT

I pay for Premium and yet I can not keep my custom goals and they continue to revert back to the default and i...

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cancel premium subscription Apr 13, 2018 06:28AM PDT

i want to cancel my premium subscription. i have tried to do it from my phone where i believe i originally pai...

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I don't want to renew, but auto renew already renewed me, I want a refund. Apr 11, 2018 06:15AM PDT

I was not aware I was on auto renew. I DO NOT want to auto renew. I want a refund for the auto renew. Please a...

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