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No response to support inquiries Nov 20, 2018 01:51PM PST

How do I get support to look at a case? It's open and unassigned for more than a week?

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My premium access is not showing up Nov 19, 2018 08:28PM PST

I have a case opened since 11/6, during the glitch that week I was unable to login and then when I was able to...

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CSV Files of Fitbit Data Nov 19, 2018 01:36PM PST

Hello, Is it possible to use my fitness pal premium to export Fitbit data of multiple fitbits or can only ...

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Please confirm Refund Nov 18, 2018 04:30PM PST

Hello. I just purchased premium a few minutes ago. I am shocked that the premium version does not track Net ...

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Unable To Verify My New Email Address Nov 16, 2018 08:03AM PST

I have a premium account. On Wednesday I changed my email address from an account I rarely use, to one I use a...

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support net carbs Nov 15, 2018 10:07AM PST

I just upgraded to Premium and I thought it would add support for net carbs as many of the things I was trying...

2 Agent Answers

Name change Nov 14, 2018 01:18AM PST

Why can you only change name once. I have a premium subscription but can not sync any of my devices because th...

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Remove Premium card details Nov 13, 2018 01:47PM PST

Hi, How do I remove the card details you hold. When I try to delete the card details, it tells me "...

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Can someone please help? I have purchased premium over a month ago and none of the features have unlocked??? I...

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Giving premium as a gift? Nov 11, 2018 10:31AM PST

Is it possible to gift a 1 year subscription of myfitnesspal to a friends active account?

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