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I purchased the MyFitnessPal Premium but still says in the app and website I haven't Sep 22, 2015 03:15AM PDT

I received my confirmation from Apple that I had purchased the Premium but I am unable to use the Premium func...

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Loseit to MyFitnessPal Data Base Transfer Sep 21, 2015 03:34PM PDT

I have been using Loseit since 2011 and have an extensive recipe and custom food library. I am interested ...

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Could I get a trial of premium Sep 21, 2015 10:05AM PDT

I see others have posted similar questions... what is the true benefit of going premium. The answer I saw was...

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Automatic Renewal Sep 20, 2015 06:28PM PDT

1 month - Automatic Renewal - $12.99 - I just purchased this using your app and as have gone to SETTINGS as yo...

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Food Analysis Sep 20, 2015 01:52PM PDT

I am not able to "get to" My Food Analysis on my laptop. How do access this feature?

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Premium on multiple devices Sep 20, 2015 10:48AM PDT

If I select premium, will it also work on multiple devices like it does now?

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$$$$ Sep 20, 2015 01:19AM PDT

Why did under-armour take such the brutal step in charging an arm, a leg and even a fucking kidney for premium...

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My Diary / My Friend's Diary Sep 19, 2015 06:51PM PDT

I noticed a few things that are different on some of my friend's MyFitnessPal pages. Is the "view d...

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Net carbs Sep 17, 2015 12:27PM PDT

Hi, Just subscribed to premium as I thought it would be more helpful with a low carb diet - however it still...

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Friends Sep 16, 2015 07:22AM PDT

Do I keep all my friends if I switch to premium?

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