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Differences between Android app and website Feb 02, 2016 04:21AM PST

With the Android app, when I search for a food, it first searches foods I've previously entered, then giv...

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Calorie goal on home page incorrect Jan 29, 2016 09:16PM PST

I have exercise calories turned "off" but still have my Fitbit synced to my account. My calorie goa...

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Just Upgraded to Premium....on iPhone Jan 27, 2016 07:33PM PST

Can anyone tell me if the Macros/gram enrty will be available on my iPhone device when i am on run? Thanks

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Calories Goal Different On Desktop Vs iPhone App Jan 27, 2016 08:41AM PST

Hi, so if I go on my iPhone "latest update installed" it shows a different calorie goal than on the ...

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Can't access dashboard Jan 27, 2016 07:21AM PST

I can't access my dashboard. It shows like it is searching? I logged out and back and nothing. I am payin...

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turn off newsfeed Jan 26, 2016 01:28PM PST

I couldn't find this question in the Help. I'm not interested in the newsfeed. It irritates me and...

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MFPNEWYEAR16 premium Jan 26, 2016 06:18AM PST

On the web (as opposed to iPhone) where does this code get entered so that I can try the premium service free ...

deleting item from recent Jan 25, 2016 08:40AM PST

how can I delete item from resent and if cannot how can we suggest it to be possible thanks

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change goals Jan 25, 2016 01:34AM PST

I can't change my fitness goals neither my macro persentage

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Downgrading from Premium to Standard Jan 24, 2016 09:01AM PST

If I downgrade from Premium nd go back to Standard, will I lose my historical data?

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