MyFitnessPal Premium

I am trying to cancel my subscription. Feb 20, 2017 07:05PM PST

The help prompt says to turn off the auto renewal tab but I do not see one. Help

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Error message Feb 20, 2017 03:42PM PST

I re-installed the app on a new phone and keep getting an error message about my premium membership being good...

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Is than a telephone number to reach you? Feb 20, 2017 10:01AM PST

Is there a telephone number to contact Customer Services?

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Daily Goal Macros Feb 20, 2017 09:07AM PST

I have 3 different weekly macro goals and they may not always be on the same day. Instead of setting a "S...

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how to add a smoothie Feb 19, 2017 03:07PM PST

HI, I want to love this app. I want to add a kale, spinach, banana, blueberry, and protein, but cannot figur...

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Renewal Feb 14, 2017 06:15AM PST

My account has just renewed but I don't want this. Can a credit be issued. I have logged in and turned ...

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1 week or less trial Feb 13, 2017 02:17PM PST

I would like to try the premium for a few days to see how it is like without having to buy it for a month, and...

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Premium Payment Plans Feb 13, 2017 05:38AM PST

If I try it out on a monthly basis ($9.99) and like it, can I then pay the yearly ($49.99) subscription going ...

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Samsung Gear S3 Integration Feb 09, 2017 08:18AM PST

I would spend the money for Premium if Samsung Gear S3 could fully integrate... Any updates?

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Calculation of Carb Feb 07, 2017 01:51PM PST

Hello there, I'm on a Keto diet and in an effort to track my carbs was wondering how you calculate the ca...

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