MyFitnessPal Premium

Premium Nov 09, 2016 01:59PM PST

I already pay for MapMyRide premium service which use to include nutrition. Why do I now have to pay for add...

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Recipes Nov 09, 2016 09:20AM PST

get message "Saving Recipe" "This shouldn't take long" but never saves, message conti...

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Terms Nov 09, 2016 07:41AM PST

If I upgrade to the premium for one month to fully see the difference but realize this is not what I expected,...

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Macro settings & activity tracker Nov 06, 2016 07:47AM PST

I just synced my fitbit with my premium MFP account. I set daily macro goals for myself. On Sunday I get 2...

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Network crash Oct 29, 2016 09:21AM PDT

Yesterday 10/28/16 I had a network crash. I had just upgraded to MFP premium. When I log in today, it appears ...

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Dashboard on App and PC Oct 29, 2016 08:44AM PDT

I'd like to edit what appears on my dashboard via the App and PC. Settings doesn't seem to work. D...

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Macro Goals by Day by Meal Oct 27, 2016 07:04AM PDT

I upgraded to Premium mainly because I understood that I could set up different macro/calorie goals for each d...

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step goal Oct 25, 2016 11:20AM PDT

step goal stuck on 10,000 and how do i change it

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2 Nutzer über 1 Goggle Konto Oct 24, 2016 10:08AM PDT

Hallo, weiß jemand, wie man einen 2. Nutzer über 1 gemeinsames Goggle-Konto verwalten kann, mein Mann kann...

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My myfitnesspal premium subscription doesn't appear in iTunes Oct 13, 2016 12:02AM PDT

My myfitnesspal premium subscription doesn't appear in iTunes so I am unable to cancel it. When I log on ...

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