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Food diary not visible to friends Jul 17, 2018 01:27PM PDT

I have my food diary set to be shared with my friends, but they can't see my diary contents. I can't...

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ads Jul 17, 2018 11:21AM PDT

How do i stop the ads the looks like my phone has a virus? I don't have a virus.

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5.61GB Background data since the beginning of July Jul 17, 2018 09:54AM PDT

Why is MFP consuming so much data in the background? My data package just finished because of it :(

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no internet connection Jul 17, 2018 08:25AM PDT

I tried to search for food and scan a product , it said connection error, but I checked all my other apps and ...

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High Data Usage Jul 17, 2018 06:56AM PDT

I have noticed that MyFitnessPal has, in a WEEK, used 1.2GB of data. over lahf of which (over 600MB) has been ...

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Misfit no longer syncing Jul 17, 2018 06:34AM PDT

My misfit ray has just stopped syncing. I've tried disconnecting it and now it wont reconnect.

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Insanely high background data usage (11GB) Jul 17, 2018 01:24AM PDT

MyFitnessPal has used 11.28GB of background data in the past 17 days (since july 1st). I have unlimited data s...

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Calorie Calculator adding up incorrectly Jul 16, 2018 09:27PM PDT

Basically the Calories I consume are under the daily amount recommended. And my calories burn seem to be adde...

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"Mfp" next to entry in food database Jul 16, 2018 07:26PM PDT

does this mean that the food entry was put into the database by MFP?

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misfit not syncing up with myfitnesspal Jul 16, 2018 06:58PM PDT

My misfit shine is not syncing up with MyFitnessPal app I cannot figure out why. I have disconnected and reco...

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