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Apple watch nor steps syncing at all Jan 27, 2017 03:44PM PST

I am really close to stop using this app, myfitnesspal isn't syncing my steps. Only exercises when i put ...

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Dividing servings Jan 27, 2017 02:13PM PST

won't take changes to serving size. For example want to put in .5 serving instead of 1. Previously this...

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My fitbit is no longer Syncing? Jan 27, 2017 01:00PM PST

My fitbit has seemed to stop syncing to MFP. Can someone see what is going on? Maybe there is a setting I need...

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App crashes since yesterday's update Jan 27, 2017 12:11PM PST

Hi, Yesterday (thrusday 01/26) I updated the app and since then, whenever I try to edit the food i log, the...

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Fitbit is not syncing with MFP and I cannot get it to diconnect to re-instate it Jan 27, 2017 10:28AM PST

I have recently re-insatlled MFP app and I cannot get it to sync to my Fitbit. I have looked on FAQS and it su...

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I cannot find the Up move app on myfitnesspal Jan 27, 2017 09:47AM PST

Hi everyone, I cannot find the Up move app on myfitnesspal. I can find the app for the UP2, UP3 and UP4, U...

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Calorie goal changes with exercise input Jan 27, 2017 07:46AM PST

Hello. This is feedback unless you are planning to change the system. Being able to turn off exercise-caused...

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Sync Issues with Android / Web Jan 27, 2017 07:35AM PST

when I enter meals on the app, it does not show up on the website. also vice - versa. This is unacceptable, ...

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MyFitnessPal UNUSABLE!! Jan 27, 2017 07:21AM PST

With your latest "update" you managed to make myfitnesspal diary totally unusable because when I try...

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Apple Watch Activity syncing issue Jan 27, 2017 06:59AM PST

I finally got myself an Apple Watch! I've been using MyFitnessPal to track my caloric intake and output -...

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