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weight graph Aug 17, 2016 10:13AM PDT

For some reason whether my error or not?, there is a weight listed that is not right. I have never weighed th...

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Inability to Post on MFP forums Aug 17, 2016 10:02AM PDT

As of Yesterday, I can no longer Post on either Public or private threads under the community page. And the b...

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Weight Loss Ticker Link Broken Aug 17, 2016 09:22AM PDT

If I try to edit my weight loss ticker, whether I click on it from my profile or from Apps->Tickers->Cha...

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Withings Activity Tracker posting negative calorie adjustments into MFP Aug 17, 2016 05:09AM PDT

Hi Withings is posting negative calorie adjustments into MFP which are in effect negating my exercise. I d...

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Page Not Found for creating recipes Aug 16, 2016 09:13PM PDT

i have entered a recipe into the Recipes box and named it. Clicking on the "match the items" button ...

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Sincronizar nutrientes de myfitnesspal con app de Salud iPhone Aug 16, 2016 08:30PM PDT

Como sincronizo los nutrientes registrados en el diario de myfitnesspal en la app de salud del iPhone? Es nece...

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login issue Aug 16, 2016 08:17PM PDT

I am getting an error for incorrect user or password when trying to log into the android app. I have checked a...

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Recipe builder Aug 16, 2016 07:32PM PDT

Is not allowing me to enter, correct or modify existing recipes. Keeps saying Page Not Found.

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Newsfeed gone Aug 16, 2016 05:29PM PDT

Everything in my newsfeed disappeared a couple hours ago and I have logged out and back in again and still gon...

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How to view my postings at Home? Aug 16, 2016 05:19PM PDT

I can not view any postings at Home, keeps insisting that I "add friends!".

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