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MFP and Fitbit not syncing and sharing information Apr 24, 2018 11:16AM PDT

My Fitbit Blaze and MFP will not share information. Also, MFP will not show my excercise on the top bar. It i...

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Do I have to enter separately? Apr 24, 2018 11:14AM PDT

How do I sync my daily food to my iphone fitnesspal app from my laptop fitness pal?

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iphone app not syncing with web or ipad Apr 24, 2018 10:44AM PDT

Since yesterday - is there a problem?

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accidentally subscribed for the year Apr 24, 2018 10:10AM PDT

How to i stop the payment. I accidentally subscribed for a year instead of month to month. I have a free trial...

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Connecting MFP and to FitBit Apr 24, 2018 09:20AM PDT

I'm trying to link MyFitnesspal to my FitBit account but keep getting the message that "Another MyFi...

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MapMyWalk won't sync into MyFitnessPal Apr 24, 2018 08:57AM PDT

MapMyWalks won't sync over to MFP. MMW says it's connected to MFP but nothing shows up. I have to ...

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Unable to connect a step tracker Apr 24, 2018 07:47AM PDT

I have a Garmin Forerunner 235 and I have connected the Garmin Connect app with MFP. This setup works well and...

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steps from my apple watch are not showing up on my fitness pal app. Apr 24, 2018 06:03AM PDT

How can I see the calories adjust the total calories based on the number of steps I take according to my apple...

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Missing food diary days Apr 24, 2018 04:40AM PDT

April 13 to April 19, 2018 is missing in my food diary. Any ideas why?

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getting information from Mapmywalk to Myfitnesspal Apr 24, 2018 04:11AM PDT

How do you get the information from the Mapmywalk app to the Myfitnesspal app? I've tried connecting but ...

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