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When will FITBIT start syncing again Apr 21, 2017 07:29AM PDT

myfitnesspal is not picking up any of my exercise or weight from my ARIA. This has gone on for awhile now.

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NOT SYNCING AGAIN!!! Apr 21, 2017 05:49AM PDT

Yes, deliberately shouty! I am so tired of this problem, what is the problem with an app doing what it says on...

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S Health step tracking Apr 20, 2017 10:43PM PDT

Hi, I've connected to S Health to track my steps, however I do not see it in the Home page of MFP. Ple...

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Calorie Adjustments Broke? Apr 20, 2017 05:32PM PDT

Today my calorie adjustment from my Samsung S3 Watch seemed to be kind of broken. I have nearly 10,000 steps w...

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From Wahoo to MFP Apr 20, 2017 04:48PM PDT

I have a Wahoo Tickr chest monitor paired with their Android App. When I am done I post it to MFP. The pr...

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Fit bit app no longer syncing Apr 20, 2017 04:46PM PDT

I am not able to get my fitbit to sync with my fitnesspal. Its was working until a week ago but now stopped, ...

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Why isn't "active energy" integrated from HealthKit yet? Apr 20, 2017 04:22PM PDT

Just got a new Apple Watch, and I've been a long time user of MFP. After reading though some old ques...

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I can not get my iphone 6 with app my fitness pal to sync with fit bit. I want to sync my steps Apr 20, 2017 01:18PM PDT

I am trying to sync my fitbitcharge with my fitness pal to keep track of my steps. I took my fitness pal off ...

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Macronutrient goal % Apr 20, 2017 11:02AM PDT

Yesterday I could see my goals of macronutrients, percentage of my food that by Carbs, Protein, Fat. Today I c...

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Macro Nutrient Pie Chart Apr 20, 2017 10:15AM PDT

Why would you not have the Nutrient Pie Chart as part of a WEB feature for myfitnesspal. Makes no sense...easi...

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