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Progess picture not loading Jun 22, 2018 03:15AM PDT

Hello, I took a progress picture this morning and it is not loading (turning wheel). I tried reinstalling t...

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problem with entering information Jun 21, 2018 08:33PM PDT

Starting yesterday, I have been unable to free type anything. I cannot change quantities on foods in diary, p...

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MFP & FitBit stopped syncing again Jun 21, 2018 04:57PM PDT

MFP has not synced w/ my FitBit tracker since earlier today. I have about 12,000 steps so far today but MFP on...

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Can't get the free trial of Premium. Jun 21, 2018 04:53PM PDT

When trying to start my one month free trial of Premium, it still says "Unable to make payment" even...

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Samsung Health does not sync Jun 21, 2018 02:41PM PDT

I just started using this app (android), and I even paid to get the premium. I am tracking steps via Samsung ...

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Can I add fiber to the nutrients tracked Jun 21, 2018 02:13PM PDT

Is there a way to add Fiber to the list of nutrients tracked?

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FitBit-MFP synchronization again not working Jun 21, 2018 02:04PM PDT

For about a couple of hours, MFP has not synchronized with Fitbit anymore. Am I the only one?

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Garmin and Apple Watch fitness data added together Jun 21, 2018 12:36PM PDT

I have just started using MFP and I went for a bike ride tonight and used my Garmin, and my Apple Watch. The c...

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Frustrated!! Jun 21, 2018 12:24PM PDT

Do these apps like FIT BIT only work for APPLE PHONES? I have A Galaxy Note 8 and I it let me download it but ...

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link myfitnesspal to my heart monitor Jun 21, 2018 08:15AM PDT

Where can I link to my heart monitor, please/

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