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Myfitnesspal won't load Jul 16, 2017 07:12PM PDT

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android 4.4.2, and the app used to work fine, but then it started giving &q...

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not seeing ios calorie adjustment Jul 16, 2017 05:10PM PDT

I haven't used MFP for a few months but when I used to, I would see an IOS calorie adjustment. This isn&...

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Solution: MFP problems in Chrome & Firefox Jul 16, 2017 04:58PM PDT

In the past few weeks, first MFP stopped working right in Chrome, then a few days later in Firefox. Some menti...

Recipes - ingredients not matching Jul 16, 2017 06:50AM PDT

I tried the "Match Ingredients" function while creating my own recipe and it worked a few days ago b...

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Finding old recipes Jul 15, 2017 06:06AM PDT

I have over 90 pages of recipes I've entered over the years. How do I do a search for a particular recipe...

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Fitbit and my MyFitnessPal connection Jul 14, 2017 11:20PM PDT

When I went to add the app to MF, it said it was already linked to another account. I can't remember what...

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Apple watch not syncing Jul 14, 2017 04:28PM PDT

The last day that I had any calorie adjustments or workouts sync'd from my apple watch was June 30th. Pr...

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Sorting Recipes Jul 14, 2017 04:17PM PDT

Have you been able to find a way to sort or even find recipes? This is a real hinderance. I find myself re-e...

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How much longer is the website going to be down!!!???? This is VERY annoying. Jul 14, 2017 03:08PM PDT

I will need to move to a different program if this isn't fixed soon!

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FitBit + calories Jul 14, 2017 11:48AM PDT

The calories I'm allowed daily has changed. Is that because I lost weight and it automatically adjusted...

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