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Vivosmart 4 won't connect with myfitnesspal Dec 05, 2018 06:45AM PST

i am unable to get my new v4 to connect to myfitnesspal. yes i'm following the steps correctly, i just k...

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Exercise calorie counts Dec 05, 2018 06:07AM PST

Why does the exercise function of calculating calories burned for certain standard exercise not work on my com...

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Apple Watch and Fitbit app simultaneously? Dec 05, 2018 04:56AM PST

Hi I have an Apple Watch series 4 linked to MFP and things seem to be going OK. I moved from a Fitbit Ionic...

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Myfitnesspal/Fitbit calorie issue Dec 05, 2018 03:44AM PST

SO for the last 6 months or so myfitnesspal would show (under exercise) the same number of steps and calories ...

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negative calorie tracking after working out Dec 04, 2018 05:54PM PST

after dinner and before my workout, I had 99 calories remaining for the day. After completing my workout and b...

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if ive forgotten my email and password to an old account is there anyway i can log back in? Dec 04, 2018 02:47PM PST

i know the username and thought i knew the password but i guess i don't, and i can't reset it becaus...

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Bug in serving size calculations Dec 04, 2018 02:37PM PST

I noticed some big bugs in the software when I add recipes. Here's the workflow: I paste a link to a r...

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forgot my email? Dec 04, 2018 02:16PM PST

i forgot the email to my account. i know the username and password but not the email, is there anyway i can lo...

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MFP and Garmin Dec 04, 2018 10:04AM PST

Dear MFP Recently I synchronized MFP with Garmin Connect, however there no exercise showing in MFP exercise t...

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MyFitnessPal Premium Support Dec 04, 2018 09:52AM PST

So how long does it take to get help from the support team? It says there is support 7 days a week, does it us...

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