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Site down again Jul 16, 2019 11:59AM PDT

I had 3 good days, where I was able to go on to the site and enter info. And this morning it was OK as well. ...

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Starting weight keeps changing? Jul 16, 2019 10:11AM PDT

I've been using the IOS app for about a month now to help with weight loss recommended by my physician, h...

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Hi, Email not responding yet, maybe you can help?.....I am looking to find a way on android to summ Jul 16, 2019 07:58AM PDT

I can get to bottom of page of food diary on computer and get the whole days diary all summarized but cannot f...

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Macronutrient Counter Incredibly Innacurate Jul 16, 2019 07:45AM PDT

Has anyone noticed recent inaccuracies, as in showing readings incredibly high with the macronutrient counter ...

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Won't let me disconnect to Garmin Connect Jul 16, 2019 06:02AM PDT

My Garmin Calorie Adjuster isn't working so I wanted to try to disconnect both apps from one another and ...

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Goals keep resetting to default Jul 15, 2019 08:21PM PDT

I'm experiencing the same issue. Every other day or so it asks me to save my goals again. You can only &#...

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Can't remember password not getting password reset emails. Need to cancel premium membership Jul 15, 2019 07:14PM PDT

I have had a myfitnesspal account for 2 years now with a premium membership. I forgot my password and everyti...

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Peleton Jul 15, 2019 05:57PM PDT

After I ride my Peloton, I click the "share" button on the Peloton to share my ride data with MyFitn...

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Deleting food from my data base Jul 15, 2019 03:56PM PDT

Is there a way to delete food items from the food database?

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Food diary Jul 15, 2019 02:27PM PDT

How do I print my food diary, especially the nutritional part to share with my dietitian?

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