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fitbit reset Apr 17, 2018 08:18PM PDT

where do i go to change/reset the time on my fitbit

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My Blog Will Not Post Apr 17, 2018 06:02PM PDT

When I select "My Blog" to write a blog it takes me to the page, I select "add post" then ...

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Apple Watch / Iphone / Activity Apr 17, 2018 04:26PM PDT

When will my workouts (from my phone / apple watch) track on the app?

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Recipe added sodium way off Apr 17, 2018 03:16PM PDT

Adding the sodium up myself I come up with 1450mg Manage Recipe Khaman Dhokla Servings 10 calories per s...

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Recent website issues Apr 17, 2018 08:26AM PDT

I am seeing two frustrating chronic issues that clearing the browser cache and cookies does not seem to resolv...

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Food item search by day Apr 17, 2018 07:51AM PDT

Can I search for a food and the date I first ate the food?

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Calorie Adjustment Apr 17, 2018 05:53AM PDT

Hello I have an apple watch and i have linked up the Health App to my fitness pal. It is pulling through my...

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Problems logging food Apr 17, 2018 04:41AM PDT

Two days ago I could not add any FOODS from other sources. Example: If I added a food it would give me not ONE...

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Web Site Security Apr 17, 2018 03:15AM PDT

Why is this site only secure when I logon here to ask a question? Otherwise it's not secure and my brows...

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Goals won't save Apr 16, 2018 08:36PM PDT

My goals won't save properly. When I go into settings, the correct numbers are there for calories and mac...

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