What is the “Food Lists” feature of MyFitnessPal Premium?

We've improved all of the graphs in our Nutrition section to help users to better visualize their food consumption. For example, there are graphs for understanding how your calories are distributed across your meals, and how your food choices break down across the three macronutrients - fat, protein and carbohydrates. The summary of information delivered in these graphs is available to all users.

When you upgrade to Premium, you can view a detailed list of foods you've logged that rank highest and lowest in the graph you're viewing. This allows you to quickly determine, for instance, which foods you’re eating are the highest in fat, or the highest in calories, and how frequently you are choosing these items. When viewing charts in the "Nutrition" section of the apps, scroll down to interact with the Food Lists. Web users will find Food Lists in the "Reports" tab after selecting a report from the "Nutrient" section of the pop-up menu. See the example image below, which shows the Macronutrient food lists on the iOS version of the app

If you would like an easy way to visualize the relationship between your food choices and their effects on your nutrition goals, consider upgrading to Premium.

Food lists are one of many beneficial features that are part of MyFitnessPal Premium. To review all of Premium’s features, please see this article.

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2015 12:13PM PDT

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