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Confirming if MS Band issues resolved? robertwilkens — Oct 11, 2015 03:56PM PDT

I noticed:
-First, i noticed last week microsoft revamped their site/service for the new band 2 (not yet available)
-Then, today, I noticed I could log in a 'workout' and still get credit for steps (the calorie count no longer subtracts the workout calories from the band total daily calories).
-Previously, if i recorded a band 'workout' the band calories would be smaller than what was on ms health dashboard (and a negative adjustment would always result on mfp, if that feature enabled).

-I guess Microsoft fixed the problem when they redid their site, it wasn't an MFP problem?
-I'm presuming it is now safe to turn on negative adjustments again? I would rather have it on if it works, so i have more motivation to get every extra bit of movement.


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Logan MyFitnessPal Agent Oct 11, 2015 04:39PM PDT

Hey Robert, thanks for bringing this to our attention. If Microsoft has made changes on their end, we wont know if things are working as expected unless users start trying it out and letting us know. If you would like to help with that we would definitely welcome any feedback that you have about your experience. The issues that we were experiencing were two fold. The first being that the adjustments acted differently depending on which information hit your diary first, either the all day calorie total or the individual exercises. The other part of it was that the MS Band was not selectable or staying selected as the step source. Please let us know if you notice either of these still persisting. I will update my Microsoft health app and test the band for a couple days as well.

MFitnessPal Staff

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robertwilkens Oct 12, 2015 07:20AM PDT

One thing i noticed, and this may have to do with your 'what hits the diary first' comment, and that's that yesterday the walking 3.5mph activity *did* make the exercise log and worked as expected, but it did *not* make the news feed. Don't get me wrong, I don't need it in my news feed (at this point no one reads it but me), But i worry if it suddenly started appearing in my news feed it would go back to the old behavior, and that may be like you implied a 'timing' (luck) issue.

I'll keep testing over the next several days (and keep using, if longer) the negative adjustment. I don't always log in a 'workout' daily, and today is less likely with the holiday here, so i may not know if it's consistently working or not for a few days.

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robertwilkens Oct 12, 2015 11:43AM PDT

It doesn't work today, just yesterday, and as suspected today the entry *did* make it into the news feed and that's when it didn't work right.

I guess it is a luck-of-the-timing issue. Anything i can chat with microsoft support about for them to get fixed? i.e. Is it on their end? (if you're not sure it's ok i can just live with it the way it is, it would just be nice if it worked right).


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purrsnikitty Oct 12, 2015 05:15PM PDT

Hi, all,
I've noticed the same problem in the last few days since Microsoft updated their dashboard. Now, what happens when negative adjustments are turned on is that the Band reports accurately as long as I don't work out. However, if I do, MFP shows that the Band adjustment has become hugely negative. Example: today, my Bowflex workout plus squats and dumbbells burned a total of 541 calories. As soon as that workout hit MFP, the Band adjustment became -550. That doesn't make a great deal of sense, so I just turned negative adjustments off again.

Another possible explanation is that Band 2 (when it shows up) will have continuous heart rate monitoring instead of intermittent as Band 1 does.

Ah technology :-)

PS - I don't care about the news feed either - wish there was an option to show something else.

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robertwilkens Oct 13, 2015 03:59AM PDT

My limited understanding about 'all day heart rate monitoring' is that heart rate monitoring is only an accurate predictor of calorie burn during "steady state cardio", otherwise the heart rate might go up because of anxiety or something and it might appear like calorie burn when it's not.

Also, I like to use the individual exercise recording of activities (walk/run, biking, golf) because they get logged in on MapMyFitness for example and count towards challenges (Actually won a $15 gift card in one of the challenges a month or so ago).

It seems like it should be simple math (addition/subtraction) to fix the problem with negative adjustments, but I guess it's probably more complicated (it always is) on the implementation side of it.


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robertwilkens Oct 13, 2015 08:41AM PDT

Today: Did 30 minutes walk/run at gym.

-It did enter in the News Feed


-It properly adjusted the negative adjustment (as of now it's something 463 calories for the exercise, and negative (-) 111 calories for the total daily calorie burn). This gives me a net adjustment of 352 exercise calories which actually makes sense.

Just wish it were more consistently working like this.

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purrsnikitty Oct 13, 2015 01:41PM PDT

Hopping on Bowflex in a few minutes. I'll turn on negative adjustments again and see what happens. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a geek - then this stuff wouldn't bother me.

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purrsnikitty Oct 13, 2015 03:05PM PDT

OK, I turned on negative adjustments and worked out (Bowflex, squats, dumbbells - the usual) for 45 minutes. Band reported 435 calories burned. MFP also says 435, but gives a Band adjustment of -635 for a net of -200 calories for working out. This makes no sense.

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robertwilkens Oct 13, 2015 03:16PM PDT

I think Logan understands what the problem is, it seems like what he said : microsoft band sends two (or more?) separate numbers separately (different transmissions, not in same packet/envelope) and they don't always arrive in the same order, and whether or not things work right depends on what order those numbers arrive in. Think of it like putting two envelopes in the mail the same day, when they are delivered you don't know which one will be opened (much less delivered) first. I'm not sure whether or not i qualify as a geek, but i do have a computer science degree circa 1996.

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purrsnikitty Oct 13, 2015 03:34PM PDT

I think you and Logan are onto something. I went in to MFP to post dinner and the negative adjustment has now dropped to -389 (and I'm not even wearing the Band - it's sitting on the desk getting the battery charged). I think I'll leave the negative adjustments on for a few days and see what happens.

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