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calories not syncing between MFP and Garming connect Quineverre — Feb 17, 2017 03:07AM PST

How it used to be when everything worked fine:
- MFP showing my workouts I enter into MFP
- MFP showing my steps from Garming and the calories to go with them
- Calories from steps during a workout that was logged separately were not counted

What it is now:
- MFP and Garmin showing steps and calories when no workouts are logged
- When workout gets logged into MPF step count goes to zero and stays at zero
- Stepcounter will remain visible in MFP (on zero calories)
- Garmin connect will show the workout in the exercise section but the calories are not part of the daily caloric totals

It seems that when separate workouts are logged both MFP and Garmin go into a state where they only take into account the calories that received input at their own end ignoring the other calories. This happens whole both apps show signs of having visibility of workouts/steps having been recorded. Just calories are missing

- 2 workouts in one day for a total of over 700 calories
- Over 10k steps for that day with approximately 4k steps being during workouts
- Garmins shows caloric information based on the 10k step calories
- MPF shows caloric information based on the two workouts

Why this is important:
I need to loose a lot of weight in a healthy way. I have successfully upped my sports regime in an extreme way and reduce my snacking habits. However I want to loose weight the healthy way and am often at risk of being far below the caloric needs for that day. I actually hit days with a 1900 to 2100 demanded calorie intake. I need to see all calories to keep track of my food needs so I will not be below them to often and risk effects of a hunger diet.

What I already did/tried:
- Made sure my personal info was correct and the same in both (weight , height etc)
- Made sure both were on the same timezone
- Check what negative calories would do (made it worse, no input from steps and all exercise calories subtracted as negative)
- disconnected and reconnected the apps
- reinstalled apps on phone
- resynced my garmin device

please help

3 Community Answers

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Blake MyFitnessPal Agent Feb 17, 2017 01:24PM PST


Thank you for taking the time to post in the MyFitnessPal support center and my apologies for the trouble. Can you please give me a couple diary dates that I can take a look at on my side to understand what you’re seeing?

MyFitnessPal Staff

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Quineverre Feb 17, 2017 03:15PM PST

Friday 17 februari
it has a double T25 exercise entry
the step calories are at zero but it does show the line for step calories
the step calories did show before I entered the first T25 exercise
step total for that day in number of steps was 13210, with part of them being during the training but that does not total up to even half of the steps

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Blake MyFitnessPal Agent Feb 21, 2017 06:02PM PST

I’m seeing that the T25 exercises were entered in MFP, however I’m not entirely sure what caused the duplicate. Do you have a date that does not have duplicate exercises?

MyFitnessPal Staff

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