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incorrect information on calories burned Spartacis482 — Apr 17, 2017 06:25AM PDT

I have a S2 Gear watch and the following apps: MapMyfitness , MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun+, MapMywalk+,Record and Workout Trainer. Samsung health is synced to all apps. When just doing my daily walk at work around the plant it tracks all steps great SHealth and MyFitnessPal but when at home and do my Monday calisthenics or Tuesday Cross Training it adds SHealth in MyFitnessPal several times. I will have the same exercise logged in 4 to 5 times and add other activities that I didn't perform so it appears like I burned 3500 calories but really only burned 600 to 800 calories. How can I correct this. I use workout trainer when doing calisthenic (Mon,Wed,Fri) it shows up on my watch so that it is easier to move to next exercise without looking at my phone but I also use MapMyFitness in parallel with heart monitor strap (more accurate then the S2 watch). (Tue,Thu,Sat) cross training I only use MapMyFitness but yet S-health now also records automatically my exercise and at the end adds it total calories with MapMyFitness so gives me incorrect data on MyFitnessPal. Hope I explained myself clearly enough for the team to understand. Any suggestions, new to this new tracking health system, love it but would like to have accurate info.

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Maximiliano MyFitnessPal Agent Apr 17, 2017 11:15AM PDT


Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

It sounds as if you have these programs connected to one another and then also connected to MyFitnessPal. This can cause duplications and errors like this. We would suggest connecting each program directly to MyFitnessPal and not to the other programs to avoid this. Use MyFitnessPal as your data hub, if that makes since.

Hope this helps to clarify,
MyFitnessPal Staff

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