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Why isn't "active energy" integrated from HealthKit yet? tonygingram — Apr 20, 2017 04:22PM PDT

Just got a new Apple Watch, and I've been a long time user of MFP.

After reading though some old questions on these forums, I'm disappointed with the lack of progress in integrating the two — MFP routinely underestimates calories burned compared to what the Apple Watch indicates (through HealthKit). Why is this?

It appears that MFP doesn't integrate anything other than "workout" and "steps" from HealthKit, and seems to penalize the contribution of steps to avoid double counting with workout calories — which would make sense if they overlap in time, but they often do not. That is, if I have 9000 steps, and 3000 of them were from a workout, of course those calories shouldn't be double counted... but the remaining 6000 steps should not be penalized by your algorithms... but from what I can tell, they are.

I really hope you can devote some resources to better integration of MFP — arguably the best calorie counting app at present — with Apple Watch — arguably the most prominent smart watch at present.

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tonygingram Apr 20, 2017 04:25PM PDT

Also, I've noticed that the previous responses to this question (on at least three occasions) have all been identical.

They've also all suggested that "We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work out all the kinks. We will also do our best to update the following link as we have more information available" — this cut and pasted message was posted in July of 2016, and again in January 2017... it's now April 2017 — are you still working out all the kinks?

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Logan MyFitnessPal Agent Apr 21, 2017 01:20PM PDT


With the iOS steps integration, we actually do our own calorie burn calculation for your steps data, so the amount shown in MyFitnessPal will not match what you are seeing in Healthkit. We then add any additional calories that you’ve burned burned from workouts.

Regarding how the adjustment factors in separate exercises, you’re absolutely right, it makes sense if they happened at the same time, but is not ideal if you were not tracking your total calorie burn at the same time. We will certainly look into ways to improve this functionality for future updates.

Warm Regards,
MyFitnessPal Staff

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