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Misfit Shine is connected but doesn't register any exercise auntbeast — Jul 12, 2017 07:31PM PDT

I have connected my Misfit Shine 2 in the Misfit app and confirmed that it's a connected device in the MFP app. I just did a 30 minute workout, and the exercise shows up on the Misfit app. On the MFP app, exercise is still showing as 0. What am I missing?

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Maximiliano MyFitnessPal Agent Jul 13, 2017 11:52AM PDT


Our apologies for any problems surrounding the Misfit integration. Misfit is an all day tracker designed to keep track of all your activity level for the entire day, and then transfer your total calories burned as you earn them over to MyFitnessPal. The totals are then compared with your nutritional goals on MyFitnessPal, and then provide you with any extra calories made via the Cardiovascular section in the form of an adjustment.

When looking at your initial Misfit total, if you consumed what you burned for the entire day, then you would maintain your current weight. In order to meet your goals designated on MyFitnessPal, a calculation is performed behind the scenes to provide you with only what has been earned in addition to what MyFitnessPal has already given you to help you meet your goals.

You should be able to view the Misfit adjustment online, by going to the Exercise Tab, or within the MyFitnessPal app by tapping directly on the Adjustment. Online, under the Cardiovascular section, you should then see a line item from Misfit added, and to the right of that you should see a blue "i’ icon and then either a 0 or a number under Calories Burned.

Click on that blue “i” which will then pull up details from the last sync. Once you pull up the details you should then see a line for Misfit with a projected total for the day (you should also see an instant reading from your last sync from Misfit with a time of sync, but since you are continuously earning calories for the day we base the calculation from a prediction we use of where you are currently at, as the day progresses this projection will become more accurate), you should also see a line from MyfitnessPal and then your adjustment total. Keep in mind that while you may have taken x number of steps, you may still see a zero as your adjustment until your tracked calories have exceeded what MyFitnessPal has already given you credit for.

When looking at this information, the simple way to understand how it works is that the total from Misfit must exceed the total from MyFitnessPal. The MyFitnessPal total will include your daily goals, any additional calories earned from Exercise added in the Cardiovascular section outside of Misfit (as these will instantly be credited to your account) and lastly the amount of calories needed to reach the goals you’ve elected to reach. The difference in excess when subtracting your MyFitnessPal from Misfit will then be the amount of your adjustment.

If the number from Misfit is less than the number from MyFitnessPal, then there will either be a 0 adjustment or a negative adjustment (if you’ve enabled the negative adjustment option).

To confirm your last sync went through from Misfit look at the line with the time of sync. That number should be the same as the one on your Misfit account, if not, please let us know. If you notice a problem with the sync, please also make sure the time zones, height, weight, and birthday match on both Misfit and your MyFitnessPal account.

To best understand the adjustment, when you first join MyFitnessPal, we ask you for your weight, height, age, gender, and your normally daily activity level. We then use all this information to provide you with your daily goals based on an “average” from the information you provided. Since these goals are based on an “average” activity level, this may vary for each person.

Misfit is designed to give you a more precise account of your entire activity. This is represented as a “total” number for the day. When you originally choose your activity level on MyFitnessPal, you may think you are an “active” person. MyFitnessPal will then automatically give you goals based on what an “average” active person may burn through the course of the day. However, if you are using an all day tracker, such as Misfit, that average may change based on your “actual” activity level. You may not be as active as an “average” person, or you may even be more active.

If you are not as active as the original activity level you chose, then, depending on how you set your tracking device up with MyFitnessPal (MyFitnessPal gives you the option to either show a negative adjustment or only a positive one) either your daily calorie goal will not be effected, adjust up or even go down.

In other words, MyFitnessPal may have given you a daily goal of 1700 calories, based on your profile information, but activity recorded by your device may result in a projection of only a 1600 burn by the end of the day. MyFitnessPal will now either give you no adjustment and keep your calories at 1700, or if you chose to allow negative adjustments, it will sync a -100 calorie adjustment to bring your goal in line with your actual number of 1600.

Depending on when you sync your device, this goal may fluctuate throughout the course of the day. If you sync in the morning, after a work out, you will get an estimate based on that activity level. However, if you sleep the rest of the day, it will adjust again to match your overall day activity. At first, it can be confusing, you could receive a positive number, and then it goes down later in the day.

If you are typically unable to sync your device until late in the day, you may wish to leave negative adjustments “off.” If you want to remove the “negative” adjustment, log in to your account by visiting in a web browser, then the main “Settings” then “Diary settings” and uncheck the “enable negative adjustments”. Make sure to save your changes.

Also, please remember, though Misfit may show you have burned a high amount of calories for the day, you must still surpass what you need to burn to lose weight, before an “extra” adjustment can be added.

For example, say for the day you have burned 2000 calories, but you only receive an adjustment of 100. This is because, you must also account for not eating back those calories you need to give up in order to lose weight. Basically, if you chose to lose 1 pound per week, this would be an additional 500 calories a day, 2 pounds would be 1000 calories a day. These numbers are represented in the adjustment details from the total from MyFitnessPal.

We hope this helps, but if you still feel there is a problem, please let us know. In the meantime, thank you so much for using the program. Please let us know if you have any additional feedback, problems or questions. We wish you all the success in reaching and maintaining all of your health and fitness goals.

All the best,
MyFitnessPal Staff

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