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TDEE Used for Exercise Adjustment Incorrect lindamc925 — Oct 05, 2017 12:30PM PDT

I am definitely experiencing some kind of a bug. As I understand it the algorithm to calculate exercise calories based on my apple watch data is that it is supposed to take the projected total calories burned for the day (TDEE) based on my fitness tracker data (this is the MFP iOS Calories Burned figure on the Calorie Adjustment calculation page), and subtract from that the TDEE that MFP initially estimates I will use (i.e "MyFitnessPal Calories Burned" value in the Calorie Adjustment calculation page.) So for me right at this moment my projected TDEE from my Apple Watch is 1847, and my MFP TDEE estimate is 1832. So I'm projected to burn 15 more calories than MFP initially assumed, and I'm getting a credit of 15 calories. This all makes sense so far.

Here's the problem when I set my goals I said to use a "Sedentary" activity level and a weight loss of goal of 0.5 lb/week (i.e. 250 calorie deficit per day.) MFP is giving me a calorie goal of 1390 for the day. If 1390 is the goal then the TDEE MFP is using to calculated my calorie goal for the day is 1640, because 1640-250 = 1390. So MFP is using a TDEE of 1640 to calculate my calorie goes, and a TDEE of 1832 to calculate my exercise calories.

I experimented by changing my activity level from "Sedentary" to "Lightly Active" and as one would expect my daily calorie goal bumps up to 1580. So now it appears the TDEE that MFP is using to calculate my calorie goal is 1830, because 1830-250 = 1580. The TDEE that MFP used to calculate my "exercise" calories from my apple watch stayed the same at 1832. At least now it matches up pretty well. I tried changing myself to "Very Active" and got the same result: my calorie goal for the day adjusts accordingly, but the TDEE number used to calculate my exercise calories still stayed at 1832. Based on other online TDEE calculators it appears a TDEE of 1832 (what MFP is using regardless of what TDEE it is using to calculate my daily calorie goes) is consistent with a "Lightly Active" level for me.

My conclusion is the exercise adjustment for the fitness tracker (at least for the apple watch) uses a "Lightly Active" level regardless of what is used for the calorie goal, so unless your calorie goal is set using "Lightly Active" your exercise adjustment will incorrect as well.

Can anyone else confirm they are experiencing this?

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