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Steps are counting negatively against calories burned mhoffman2184 — Oct 05, 2017 02:14PM PDT

I have been noticing with my Garmin Vivofit and MFP that steps are adding a negative value to my calories the more steps I take, the more calories are subtracted away from my count. Shouldn't this be the more steps I take/run the more calories I can take in? So hypothetically I walk 10,000 steps in a day and burn 500 calories, under the calories burned in the Exercise Tab, it should be 500 not -500 as it is currently doing. The negative in fact is removing calories in the overall caloric intake when in fact it should be adding to it.

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Logan MyFitnessPal Agent Oct 05, 2017 02:26PM PDT

Thanks for posting and sorry for any trouble. When viewing your account status we are currently not seeing a step count from Garmin Connect on our end. Please try manually initiating a sync in both apps, starting with Garmin Connect. Please then log into your account on the Garmin website to confirm the data has reached their site. Then follow the data by logging into your account on our website to see if you are receiving an Garmin Connect adjustment there. If it is showing on our site please open the Menu screen in our app and tap Sync at the bottom.

Warm Regards,
MyFitnessPal Staff

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mltallma Oct 06, 2017 10:05AM PDT

I have been having the same problem. It appears that throughout the day, MyFitFoods will count my steps and give me credit (as in increase my calorie allotment) for the steps taken. Then, at some time in the evening (some days only), it takes that calorie credit away. It appears to happen when I have a short period of "generic" exercise. For example, yesterday, I walked >17k steps (which can be seen as having transferred from my Samsung Health account - I can clearly see the data in the MyFitFoods app). For most of the day, my total calorie allotment was increasing. Then, after I folded a bunch of laundry and rec'd credit for 12 minutes of "generic" exercise, it gave me a 60 calorie credit for the laundry, and took away the 650 calorie credit I had earned with steps. I originally thought it was the negative calorie adjustment thing, but I turned that off. Before I turned that off, it was actually taking away my step calories from my total intake (so, in the above example, I'd end up looking like I was 650 calories over my allotment for the day). Every step was actually reducing the number of calories I was supposed to eat that day. Since turning it off, it just removes the credit. Very frustrating.

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Logan MyFitnessPal Agent Oct 06, 2017 12:09PM PDT


Thank you for contacting us with your question. If you click on the Samsung Calorie Adjustment line in your diary, and then on Extra Calories Earned, we can look at the Samsung calories vs the MyFitnessPal Calories Burned. In order to see an adjustment the Samsung number must be higher. When you add a individual exercise entry, the program replaces your tracked activity and calorie burn with the calorie burn from that entry, to avoid receiving double credit for the activity. In your adjustment detail it gets added to the MyFitnessPal number, since it was not tracked by your Samsung device, reducing your Samsung calorie adjustment by the amount of your individual exercise entry. If this makes the MyFitnessPal number greater the adjustment will go back to 0 until the Samsung number once again passes it, however, if you look at your calculation at the top of the home screen, you will see that you are getting credit for the individual exercise entry there.

Kind Regards,
MyFitnessPal Staff

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