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iOS App steps discounted to zero when adding another exercise Faiz031 — Nov 07, 2017 02:28AM PST

Hi, the existing MFP iOS app counts the number of steps and shows the correct amount of calories discounted. However when adding another exercise, the steps then show zero calories burned and instead it only shows the exercise burned calories.

This is using the built in motion on the iPhone, it's worst when using Pace as it does not count any steps or sync with the app, any solutions?

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Bruce MyFitnessPal Agent Nov 07, 2017 07:57AM PST


Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Though we specifically note your exact step count, the extra calories you earn from using the Steps feature is based on your entire day’s activity, not just the number of steps you take.

If you’ve elected to use Steps, we recommend following Apple’s recommendation of keeping your phone-in-pants-pocket or phone-in-armband all day for best results. It will not properly adjust if you are not following those recommendations. The activity from your steps is then translated into the program. You should also not use another activity tracker such as BodyMedia, Jawbone, Fitbit, etc while using Steps, as this will cause confusion with the program. You can elect to also have Steps in HealthKit, and this should not cause any duplications with MyFitnessPal. However, because the two interrupt the data slightly different, the step count may not exactly match on both programs, but should be close.

Your activity earned from Steps is then compared to the activity level we’ve already provided for you when you first joined MyFitnessPal and any extra calories earned is then what you should see as your adjustment. It will not show you individual calories earned for just the steps you’ve taken for a certain period, as it is an equation that balances your entire activity for the day in comparison to the activity level MyFitnessPal has already provided for you.

Since it’s based on activity, if you also manually add exercise in MyFitnessPal this can impact your Steps adjustment. The calories from manual exercise are instantly added to your provided totals from MyFitnessPal, these then become part of your calories given for the entire day from MyFitnessPal. Your total calories provided from MyFitnessPal are then compared with your total activity calories earned from Steps, and if the Steps calories are more than the given calories from MyFitnessPal, those extra calories will then be added in the form of your adjustment.

To best understand the adjustment, simply tap on the adjustment in MyFitnessPal and you should then see a break down of this equation. Please also remember, the provided calories from MyFitnessPal will include the calories you need to meet the goals you have elected with MyFitnessPal, such as losing 1 pound, etc. If you simply ate back your entire calories burned from Steps for the day, then you would maintain your current weight. The equation we use will include the necessary calories needed to reach your goals.

Hope this helps,

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