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Real name showing when sending friend requests Ruatine — Nov 15, 2017 11:45AM PST

What setting determines whether someone's real name shows when they send a friend request? I recently saw that in the mobile app, someone had sent me a friend request, and their full name was displayed below their username. I want to be sure mine does not. Thanks!

6 Community Answers

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Bruce MyFitnessPal Agent Nov 15, 2017 12:26PM PST


Thank you for taking the time to contact us. When you send a friend request in the app, you have an option to type in your full name. Your name is not collected by MyFitnessPal, so unless you enter in your name manually, only your username will appear.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or feedback.


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Ruatine Nov 15, 2017 02:34PM PST

This did not occur when sending a friend request through the app, which I never do. It happened when sending a friend request through a browser, which was then viewed in the app. When the request was *viewed* in the app it had a name associated with it, which I had never given.

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Bruce MyFitnessPal Agent Nov 15, 2017 02:55PM PST

Thanks for getting back to us. If you send a friend request from the web, you have the option to send a message with your request. The user can enter their name in there so you can see it when you go to view the request in your account.

MyFitnessPal does not collect your full name, so their is not a way for us to automatically post your name when you send a request. You would need to manually enter in your own name for it to be seen by another user.

All the best,

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Ruatine Nov 16, 2017 05:20AM PST

No, no one is manually putting their name in the friend request. I've confirmed with a couple other people who had this happen as well. If someone has Facebook linked to their account, will that show their name under their username?

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Ruatine Nov 16, 2017 08:34AM PST

Okay, I did some testing on my side, since you don't seem to know what causes it. If I have Facebook connected to my account, my full name shows up in friend requests below my username in the app. However, as soon as I disconnected my Facebook profile, any friend requests sent only show my username in the app. My full name *never* showed up in the desktop version, only in the app.

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Bruce MyFitnessPal Agent Nov 16, 2017 09:12AM PST

When linked to Facebook, only your MyFitnessPal username will appear under the friend request. I have tested this on our end with a colleague and we were not able to replicate the scenario you have mentioned. If you are seeing a full name under a friend request when it was not entered by the user manually, can you contact us here so we can take a closer look?

When you email us, could you also include the following information:

-Screenshots showing the full name appearing with the friend request
-The usernames of the accounts involved
-How you log in to MyFitnessPal (with Facebook or email and password)
-What device was used when viewing the request
-The exact steps taken when sending the friend request that showed the user’s real name

Much appreciated,

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