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PLEASE add _all_ micro-nutrients! mnfcp — Mar 12, 2018 09:27AM PDT

I promise to pay for premium if just this feature is added -- with no limit; if an item has 20/50/1000 micros, then MFP would allow adding of each and every single one. From looking it up, not just with MFP, there currently seems to be _no_ offered solution _anywhere_ to do this quickly and easily. As far as I can tell, you'd have to DIY the following kludge: spend hours making a bighuge spreadsheet, then more hours/day meticulously logging every aspect of all things you put in your mouth. (Instead of how MFP currently lets one do things: at first several minutes, then after "getting on your feet" with most of one's common foodstuffs, mere seconds.)

Of course, I'd like to be able to quickly & easily track other things like kinds of fats (ie saturated, monounsat, polyunsat), kinds of carbs (simple vs complex), net-carbs (ie automatic subtraction of fiber from carbs), amino acids, counting half incomplete & plant proteins as carbs, and so on. But most of that's probably personal taste / asking too much. =)

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Logan MyFitnessPal Agent Mar 12, 2018 09:35AM PDT

Thanks for posting your feedback. We’re definitely considering adding native support for tracking additional nutritional factors. In the meantime, many users use the Notes area to record these additional items. We really appreciate you taking a moment to let us know what changes would enhance your experience.

All the best,
MyFitnessPal Staff

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