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LOST HISTORY DATA AntonioMarallo — May 16, 2018 01:34PM PDT

All of sudden I lost all of my history and recipes on my PC. My phone app retains my history.

3 Community Answers

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Bruce MyFitnessPal Agent May 16, 2018 01:40PM PDT

Hi there,

Please accept our sincerest apologies if you are missing data. We will do all we can to help get this restored for you.

At times, one of the simplest reasons for missing data is an accidental creation of more than one account. If you have more than one email address, or possibly had a typo on your original email address, it is possible you may have accidentally created more than one account and have now signed into a different account than you were previously using.

If you feel this may be possible, please reply back to this email with your different email addresses, or even potential usernames, and we would be happy to check to see if we can find additional accounts.

It is also possible, data may be missing due to a glitch in one of our updates, and in such is causing your data to temporarily be missing. If this is the case, the best way to see if your data is still there is to check your account on our main website at (simply log in with the same log in information as the app).

When data syncs from the app it should be stored on our main servers online. This way, if there is an issue with the app, and an uninstall and reinstall of the app is needed to correct the problem, data should restore back to the app from the main website.

If you are able to locate your data on the main website at, and are confident all your information is found online, we would then recommend you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if that restores your information.

Please DO NOT uninstall the app if you can not find your information online first, as uninstalling the app without first verifying your information is online could result in a permanent loss of your data.

Please DO NOT uninstall the app if you are using an iOS version (not device) under 6.0, as our app is no longer compatible with devices running on older iOS versions. You can verify your iOS version by going into your iOS device main Settings, then General, then About, and scroll down to Version.

If you are unable to find your data online, or are still having a problem retrieving your missing data, could you please reply back to this email with your MyFitnesspal username, what device you are using, when your data went missing, and any details you can think of that happened right before this happened. For example, you updated the app, or updated your device, you were logged out of the app, etc.

We will do all we can to try to find your information and do our best to get it back to you.

All the best,

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hwerries105 May 19, 2018 09:38AM PDT

Hi I am hwerries105. I have a similar problem. I think I caused it because I had been signed out and couldn't think of my password so decided to log in with facebook instead of resetting the password for my email acct. I checked online and my info is here. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it basically went through the sign up routine and then said my email is already in use. Now what. Thanks!

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Ripley MyFitnessPal Agent May 19, 2018 11:52AM PDT

Hello hwerries105,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Your account, hwerries105, is not linked with Facebook, so you will not be able to login to that account with Facebook. Because of this, when you try to sign up using Facebook, it detects no account linked to that Facebook account, but detects there is already an account with that email address.

You will need to do one of the two following things to get logged in on mobile:

1. Go through the reset password flow, and update your password.
2. Link your MyFitnessPal account to Facebook via the website, and once that is done, you should be able to login via Facebook in the app.

If you’re still having trouble, please let us know!


MyFitnessPal Staff

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