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keto diet mulesdonkeys — Jul 03, 2018 05:23PM PDT

can this help me track my keto diet ??

track fats

track carbs

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Ripley MyFitnessPal Agent Jul 04, 2018 12:29PM PDT

Hello mulesdonkeys,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Yes, you can track fats and carbs within MyFitnessPal, though we do not automatically calculate net carbs in MyFitnessPal. There are a few different features within MyFitnessPal that you may find useful for tracking on a keto diet. Please see each section below.

To customize your goals:

If you are following a different recommended plan from your doctor or nutritionist, you can adjust many of your goals.

  • Log in to in a web browser
  • Click “My Home”, then “Goals”, then select Edit for Daily Nutrition Goals, Fitness, or Micronutrients
  • Once you’ve made your changes make sure to click “Save Changes”, those same changes will then appear in the app the next time the app syncs to the website

We also see you have a MyFitnessPal Premium subscription. Premium users can set very precise goal, in gram increments, for protein, carbs, or fat, or in calorie increments of one percent. Premium users can also set custom goals based on the day of the week. The full set of features in MyFitnessPal Premium can be reviewed here:

To customize Nutrients visible in your Food diary

While MyFitnessPal tracks a wide variety of nutrients, for spacing purposes we cannot display all of this data on your Food diary at one time. However, we do allow you to choose up to five nutrients (plus calories) to view on the diary page. These settings can be adjusted on our website, and the changes will sync to the iPad and iPhone app when you launch it next. Fat and Carbs are by default displayed in your MyFitnessPal Diary, but mentioning this in case you wanted to add Fiber as one of your five chosen nutrients to display.

To do this, log into your account on at Once you’ve logged in, click “My Home” then “Settings” then “Diary settings.” On the following page, you can customize which nutrients are tracked in your diary. You may track up to six items, one of which must be calories.

If you would like to view the totals of other nutrients that are not on your home page, click “My Home” then “Reports” then “Nutrients” (on the web) or “Home” then “Nutrients” on the iPad app. There you can choose any nutrient we track, along with the time frame you would like to view.

Regarding keto diets and net carbs

At this time, there is not a designated way to keep track of net carbs within our program. We will definitely consider adding this as a stand-alone feature for a future update.
For now, let’s get you set up the best we can:

Adjusting your Macronutrient Ratios and Calorie Goals

- Open the Menu bar (“More” on iOS, Three Horizontal lines icon on Android, & “My Home” on web)
- Tap/Click "Goals
- [Under Nutrition Goals] Tap “Calorie and Macronutrient Goals” on iOS and Android, click the green “Edit” on web
- From here you can tap/click on any of your Macros to open up the ability to make changes.

You might already have specifics to set here, but if not, we recommend checking out the Keto Calculator ( for help on what to enter in here before saving your changes.

Please make sure you tap the check/tick mark on each screen to save your changes. Also, please note your 3 macro percentages must equal 100% in order to save any changes.

When adding to your Meals

We know your most important pieces of info that help determine your Net Carbs are Carbs & Fiber, while we do not currently have a feature that does the math for you, we do have our data set up so that a quick glance and quick subtraction can get you what you are looking for.

[When searching our database for a food to add]
- Tap/Click any prospective food choice from a database search, or on any of your saved lists
- (Web only) Click green “Nutritional Info” button
- Scroll (if needed) to find the conveniently grouped listings of Carbs, Fiber (and Sugar)

From here you can mentally subtract the grams Fiber from the grams of Carbs and see if this item fits your specific needs or not.

Tracking Your Daily Net Carbs goal

The next tweak to make is to adjust how your diary presents the nutrient breakdowns by food and meal. This adjustment can only be initiated via your account on our web platform by visiting (

From here we recommend changing your Nutrients Tracked list to Protein, Fat, Carbs, Fiber, Sugar (or something similar). This change will show on all platform once your app(s) completes their next sync. Now viewing your diary on the web allows for easy manual tracking of net carbs. To view this detailed mode on our apps simply turn the phone sideways (landscape mode) to reveal the nutrient tracker view.

A summarized view can also be seen in our apps by opening up the menu bar once again and tapping Nutrition, followed by Nutrition along the top.

As a Premium member you can see this info even quicker by using a Custom Nutrient Dashboard (Menu>Settings>Diary Settings>Customize Nutrient Dashboard>Low Carb). This will allow your important nutrients to be readily available from the top of your diary page on the app. You can then also update your homepage Nutrient Dashboard to the same view by tapping the three dots icon shown in the top right of your homepage’s Nutrient remaining box. (Changing here will also update your Wiget view, if you have activated your MFP widget)

Hope this helps! We wish you the best of luck in meeting and maintaining all your fitness goals!


MyFitnessPal Staff

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