Can I add a new exercise to the database?

If the exercise you'd like to log is not in our database, and you know how many calories you have burned via a heart rate monitor or other tracking device, you can add it to your personal database with a few simple steps.

Begin the process to log an exercise to your diary, and search for the exercise.

On the search results screen, click "Add an exercise to the database" (website) or "Create a New Exercise" (mobile apps at bottom of page). Fill in the details and click "Add Exercise" (website) or "Done" or "
✓" (mobile apps).

If you are interested in devices that can track your actual use of calories, may we suggest looking into our third party integrations? Several of our integrations offer solutions for monitoring your calorie burn over the course of the day, and can update your MyFitnessPal calorie goals based on this data.

On the site you can find out more about our integrations at In our iOS and Android and apps, open the menu drawer (or "More" page) then tap "Apps & Devices."

Last Updated: May 30, 2019 12:38PM PDT

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