How do I make sure I don't lose my data when I delete the app?

In All of our Mobile apps

  • If you have a MyFitnessPal account, then your data is automatically backed up to our servers whenever you launch the app and have a working Internet connection. You can check whether the data is up to date by visiting the website at, logging in with your email address and password and reviewing your diary and profile information.

In our Android, iPad and iPhone apps

  • The last item in the Menu (or the "More" page) is "Sync" and will display the time of the last successful sync with our servers. You can manually request a sync attempt by tapping this item.
  • If the sync status does not update, try moving to an area with a stronger cellular or wi-fi signal. It may also be helpful in some cases to force quit the app, or to restart your device.

Last Updated: Jul 09, 2019 11:54AM PDT

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