How do I link or unlink MyFitnessPal with an App Gallery partner?

Linking with App Gallery Partners

While small differences exist in the process of linking to various partners in our App Gallery, you can begin the process in all cases by following the links in the "Apps" tab on our website,  or on the "Apps & Devices" pages of our iPhone, iPad or Android apps.

Some of our partners may include settings or options directly on their own sites, or in their own apps, for linking to MyFitnessPal. Linking with most partners will require the creation of an account on the partner's site or in their app, prior to establishing the link. A small number of App Gallery partners may require the installation of additional software to upload data from their hardware devices to their online services.

For details on, or assistance with, the steps required to link with a specific partner, please refer to that partner's support resources for further information.

Confirming the Link

To confirm that your MyFitnessPal account is linked with an App Gallery partner, log in to your account at, then click the "Apps" tab. Your connected partners appear on the right edge of the page.

Un-linking with an App Gallery Partner

To unlink an account, follow the steps above to confirm an account link, click on the integration partner, and click "Disconnect" on the next page to unlink your accounts.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2014 04:02PM PDT

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