Why am I asked to verify my MyFitnessPal email address?

Verifying the email address connected to your MyFitnessPal account has two primary benefits:
  • A verified email address allows us to send you password reset emails if you can't access your account
  • Email addresses with typos may deliver your MyFitnessPal notifications to other people! Verifying your email assures you that the email we send to your account reaches you, and no one else.
If your verification email is not received, double-check the email address you entered, and re-send the verification email as follows:

On the Web
  • Log in to the site and click "My Home" then "Settings" then "Change email address/email preferences"
  • If your email address is incorrect, update it, then click "Save Changes" then click "Resend Email". Be sure to click "Save Changes" first, before sending the email!
In our Android and iOS Apps
  • In the app's menu (Android) or "More" page (iOS) tap "Settings" > "Sharing & Privacy" > "Email Settings"
  • If your email address is correct, tap "Resend Email". If your email address is incorrect, tap "Update Email" 
​If you do not receive the verification email, please check your email spam folder! If you still need assistance, you can email our Support Team by clicking "Help" on the website, or "Help" > FAQs/Feedback in our mobile apps.
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2014 04:05PM PST

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