Fitbit Steps Integration: Troubleshooting for "Steps"

If you're experiencing an issue with your Fitbit activity and Step data updating to your MyFitnessPal app on iOS or Android, please try following these exact steps, which resolve the issue in most instances. We are working on a long term fix to prevent the situation solved by the process outlined below.

Launch the MyFitnessPal app, then in the Menu (or "More" page), tap Steps, and disconnect from Fitbit there.

Then log out or force quit the app. Please make sure you know your username and password before doing so. If you need to reset your password please visit (your username should be included the body of that email, and please note it will Not be the same as your email address).

Then perform the following:
- Log into your Fitbit account at
- Click the gear icon, then settings
- Next click Applications
- Then Click the blue 'Revoke Access' button for MyFitnessPal
- Then go to the website in a web browser (not the mobile app) and relink your Fitbit device via the main Apps tab,

Finally, log back into the MyFitnessPal app, go back to Steps, and reassign Fitbit as your step source.

At this point if you are not seeing information transfer automatically, please do let us know.

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2015 10:55AM PST

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