GoogleFit FAQ and Troubleshooting

What Syncs Between GoogleFit and MyFitnessPal?
MyFitnessPal syncs Meal summaries and weight to GoogleFit and pulls exercises and step count from GoogleFit.
How often do GoogleFit and MyFitnessPal sync with each other?
MyFitnessPal will sync with GoogleFit any time the following actions are completed within the MyFitnessPal app:
-when the app is opened after a force close
-when you navigate to a screen selected from the App Menu
-when you hit “Complete Entry” from your diary
What happens when GoogleFit logs an exercise?
When you log an exercise in GoogleFit, MyFitnessPal reads the exercise name, start time, and duration of the exercise from GoogleFit, and then matches it with an exercise in our database, to calculate the estimated calorie burn for the duration of that entry.  You will see this entry logged as an exercise in your MyFitnessPal Diary.
Please Note:  The calories burned for the exercise listed in MyFitnessPal will not match the calorie burn listed in GoogleFit.  This is because GoogleFit does not take into account your age and gender when doing their calculation.  MyFitnessPal takes this information into account and, therefore, produces a more accurate estimation of the calorie burn from the logged exercise will be displayed on our end.
How does Step Tracking work with GoogleFit?
GoogleFit is one of our Step Source Partners.  This means that you can select GoogleFit from the Steps menu within the Android MyFitnessPal app, to track your step count throughout the day, and have your daily activity accounted for within the programs.  If you have this selected, MyFitnessPal will pull your step count from GoogleFit, and give you an Exercise Adjustment in your MyFitnessPal Diary (go here to learn more about adjustments). This will show differently than exercises logged by GoogleFit.  

Please Note:  The step count displayed in the GoogleFit app and the MyFitnessPal app will not show the exact same number of steps, but will be within a similar range of the other. This has to do with the way GoogleFit syncs the data between their app and their platform. GoogleFit tracks steps directly from their platform, which is built into the Android operating system. MyFitnessPal, at intervals described above, then pulls the step count from their platform and displays it within the MyFitnessPal app (and then MyFitnessPal does the calorie burn calculation for that step count and displays it within our app). The GoogleFit app also syncs with the GoogleFit platform, but may sync at different intervals, and is why the step count may not be the same.
I see “running” exercises logged by GoogleFit, and I didn’t enter those.  Why is this happening?
GoogleFit is tracking your step activity with its app.  When it detects your step count over a certain time period has increased, it knows you have started running.  For example, you may have left to catch the train home and realized that if you don’t hurry, you won’t catch your normal train.  So you run from your office to the station.  Even though you didn’t log that 3-minute run, GoogleFit knows you were running, and posts that exercise.  MyFitnessPal will see that exercise posted in GoogleFit, and pull it into your MyFitnessPal Diary so that we are accounting for those calories burned.
What information can I compare between GoogleFit and MyFitnessPal to know that the two programs are syncing correctly?
You can compare the Exercise Name, Start Time, and Duration of the Exercise.
What else do I need to know about what syncs betweeen GoogleFit and MyFitnessPal?
MyFitnessPal does sync food summaries to GoogleFit.  GoogleFit displays this information in their Food Breakdown card, which is only generated at the end of the day.  Therefore, in GoogleFit, you will see the previous day's MyFitnessPal meal summary, not the current day's summary.   

MyFitnessPal will not pull strength exercises from GoogleFit because we do not give calories for strength exercises.  You can read more about this here.
Exercises logged as “walking” will not be pulled from GoogleFit.  It is assumed that if you want to track your walking, you will have GoogleFit selected as your primary Step Source within the MyFitnessPal app, and all walking will be taken into account with the GoogleFit exercise adjustment in your MyFitnessPal Diary.
If GoogleFit doesn’t seem to be syncing properly with MyFitnessPal, what troubleshooting steps should I take?
If you are having trouble with the GoogleFit / MyFitnessPal integration, and the above information does not help sort out what you are experiencing, you can try these troubleshooting steps, in order, to try and get you up and running.  If the first doesn’t resolve, then please try the next.
1.  Please make sure you are running the most up to date version of the app available in the Google Play Store.  We release updates with fixes for bugs/issues, and the update may resolve the issue you’re having.
2. Force stop the MyFitnessPal app from your device settings and relaunch MyFitnessPal.  This will force a sync between MyFitnessPal and GoogleFit.
3.  Clear the cache via your phone’s setting for the MyFitnessPal app.  This will reset particular points within the app and will attempt a resync of data.
4.  Unlink and relinks GoogleFit and MyFitnessPal.  This will reestablish a fresh connection between the two programs.  Please note: When unlinking and relinking, only the current days info will sync.  Previous day’s data will not.
5.  Unlink GoogleFit and MyFitnessPal, then uninstall both the MyFitnessPal and GoogleFit apps.  Then reinstall the apps and relink the programs.  
This troubleshooting didn't help. Where can I check to see if this is an issue with the GoogleFit Integration?
You can check our integration known issues page here. Any known issues with GoogleFit (as well as any other integration partner) will be listed here.
I don't see my issue listed on the Integration Known Issues page and I'm still having trouble. What now?
If none of these troubleshooting steps help, please write into our support team and we will see what we can do to assist further.  When you write in, please include what kind of device you have, the device OS, any screen shots documenting the issue, and be as specific as possible to the issue you are experiencing.  You can reach us here.

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