My profile, ticker or weight loss graph is not reflecting my actual weight loss.

If your weight loss is not correctly reflected in your account, or if your weight loss graph is showing unusual results, you may have an accidental weight or date entry. We recommend checking your past entries. The program calculates your weight loss by subtracting your very last weight entry from your very first.

For example, if you start the program on January 1st, with a weight entry of 200 pounds, take some time away from the site, and return on February 1st with a weight entry of 205 pounds, MyFitnessPal still considers your starting weight to be 200 pounds. Your ticker will not reflect a weight loss until you log a weight lower than 200 pounds. To use a weight entry other than your very first entry for calculating your total weight loss, you can update your weight loss ticker with a new "starting weight" at any time, as follows:

  • Visit the site in a web browser at
  • Click the "Apps" tab, then in the sub-tab click "Tickers."
  • Click "Update your weight data."
  • Enter a new starting weight, then click "Save Changes."
PLEASE NOTE: The "Tickers" link on the Apps tab is currently broken for some users. If you are unable to load the Tickers page per the instructions above, the following steps may be taken instead:
  • Visit the site in a web browser at
  • Click the "My Home" tab, then in the sub-tab click "Check-In."
  • Click "Edit Previous Entries."
  • Enter a new starting weight in the box toward the top, then click "Save Changes."

After you have made any needed corrections, the next time you log your weight, the amount of weight loss reflected in your ticker will be based on the newly entered Starting Weight.

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2016 05:21PM PST

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