Welcome to the MyFitnessPal Community!

Welcome to our community!
All of us from the MFP team would like to welcome you to our site! MyFitnessPal members come from a variety of different backgrounds and visit the site from virtually every corner of the world, but we all share a common desire to lead healthier lives. To ensure MyFitnessPal remains a fun and friendly place for everyone, we have established the following site guidelines which we ask all of our members to follow.

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Moderation and Reporting Posts
MyFitnessPal is moderated by a team of volunteers and a few full-time site administrators. Because we have a small team, it’s impossible for us to read every post on the site, so we rely on our members to help us identify problems. If you see a post that seems to violate our guidelines, you can aid us by using the "Flag > Report" button to let us know. One of our moderators will review the report as soon as possible and handle it accordingly.
In addition to the Main Forums, MyFitnessPal also offers Groups which contain their own message forums. Group forums are self-moderated. Each group appoints its own moderators who are responsible for ensuring the group’s (and MyFitnessPal’s) guidelines are followed. 
Our Main Forums and Groups operate under MyFitnessPal's community guidelines. We ask that you review the guidelines thoroughly to ensure that anything you post is acceptable according to our guidelines. Please remember to participate politely and constructively or move on without posting. 

A few categories have specific rules, which are listed below.
Introduce Yourself and Getting Started have been created for members to introduce themselves, say hello, get started, and meet other people in our community. While it is important to be patient and supportive in all of our forums, we respectfully ask that anyone posting in these categories always keep in mind that these are forums for beginners and introductions.
Challenges:  Participation in any discussion in this category requires that you have a genuine interest in that particular challenge, or that you have a genuine question regarding the nature of the challenge before determining your interest in that challenge. Posts questioning the value or necessity of a challenge are not appropriate. Derogatory comments or other posts of a trolling nature will result in a warning.   We encourage popular and/or long-term challenges to consider creating a new group.
Debate:  Health and Fitness:  This forum category has been set up as a beta for members to have civil discussions as it relates to contentious topics (i.e. - sugar addiction, etc.) and emerging science and nutrition policy. The primary goal of this forum is to provide a particular area to have discussions on nutrition topics that are highly debated; aka hot topics. As a result of creating this category, our team is asking that members respectfully allow the main forums as a place to address the OP's questions as opposed to debating the semantics or arguing the use of terms. For example, if an OP requests help on their sugar addiction, that you do not debate the nature of addiction in that discussion but rather respectfully provide them a solution; keep in mind that not every person wants or needs to know all the semantics of the science behind things. If they would like to learn more about the science, they can voluntarily join the discussion in these forums. Or as is always an option, just refrain from posting.
Participation in this category requires that you have a genuine interest in the topic, and all responses and debate should be done in a respectful manner. If you are not interested in such topics, please do not post in this section. Posts dedicated as a means to troll or intentionally cause drama will be considered a violation of the community guidelines. Trolling can be defined, but not limited to, making a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them (.e.g. - here's why following "xx" way of eating is stupid).
Community Information:  
Community Help Desk Section:  https://myfitnesspal.desk.com/customer/en/portal/topics/455848-forums-groups-and-blogs/articles
Community Guidelines:  http://www.myfitnesspal.com/welcome/guidelines
Meet Our Community Team:  http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10028709/meet-our-community-team

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