Can I see my food list items across all of my meals, not just the meal I am logging?

If you like, you can change the food logging behavior from showing favorites for only the current meal, to showing favorites that have been saved for any meal.

On the Web
  • Just above the food list tabs, look for the name of the meal in blue, followed by a triangle. If you click the name of the meal, you will see the option of showing favorites for "All Meals." Make this choice, and your lists will no longer be meal-specific.
In our Android, iPad and iPhone apps
  • In the Menu (or "More" page) tap "Settings" then "Diary Settings", and turn on "Show All Meals in Diary Tabs." You will now see your favorites lists for all of your meals, not just the individual meal you are adding an item to.
Shortcut in our iOS and Android apps
  • You may change this setting on the add food page by tapping the bubble on the right and choosing the All Meals filter.
For spacing purposes, those using MyFitnessPal in languages other than English may find the contents of the Recent, Frequent, and My Foods tabs combined in a single tab labeled "Recent" or "Food"
Last Updated: Jul 09, 2019 09:02AM PDT

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