My login days-in-a-row counter is incorrect. How do I fix this?

We realize your counter is an essential motivational tool and we'd be happy to help you get this corrected. For the fastest attention to this issue, please use our dedicated counter reset request tool.

If you wish to make a note of the actual link for future reference, it is

Log in to your account at, click the link above, and specify the number of days you believe to be correct. Your counter will be reset immediately.

Please note that the counter will reset if you do not login to either the app or the website at least once for the day. The app must have an internet connection available when you login, or the login will not count. The best way to ensure your days do not reset again is to log at least one entry that syncs before midnight. 
Also note, if you are traveling, the program does not automatically update to your new time zone; it remains set to the time zone you originally chose. You can check or change your time zone within the app by navigating to "Edit Profile, then Time Zone. Or, if you are on our website, you can click "My Home" then "Settings" then "Change Time Zone.".

Last Updated: Dec 03, 2015 04:09PM PST

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