Food Diary and Food Database

doesn't send the email for me to print the logs Aug 11, 2019 03:15AM PDT

i have tried multiple times to print my food logs. It keeps telling me they are emailing it to me but i have ...

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Wake Up Myfitnesspal -IMPERIAL system replaced by METRIC Aug 10, 2019 02:15AM PDT

When inputting the precise amount of any foodstuff, the initial weight is 100g (as displayed on virtually ever...

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breakfast Aug 09, 2019 07:09AM PDT

If I log a slimfast strawberry and cream shake do I have to add the 2% Milk separate or is the slimfast shake ...

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Loss of imput Aug 05, 2019 10:11PM PDT

Why did my imput get erased today of all I had inserted. What happened to it. Where did it go.

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My foods search and adding Aug 05, 2019 06:36PM PDT

On the MFP App, to search for foods created or edited is simple just as the website, however, when you then wa...

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Why did my carbs increase after I reported a weight loss? Aug 05, 2019 11:58AM PDT

I only put in my weight loss once a month after I see my doctor to weigh in. Today when I added my weight los...

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Suggestion/Request: increase value wheel to greater than 99 Aug 05, 2019 09:35AM PDT

Some foods can be set to by gram. But if you then have 100+ grams of that food, you get stuck at 99. Would lik...

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Recipe input problems Aug 01, 2019 05:00PM PDT

I am using the "Old Recipe" input, but when I get to a certain number (not sure how many) of ingredi...

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How to delete (past) food items on My Food list Jul 28, 2019 09:44AM PDT

Directions said to go to Food, My Foods and then go to far right red check mark and select to delete. When My...

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I accidentally deleted a recipe Jul 28, 2019 02:19AM PDT

Hi, I accidentally deleted one of my recipes. Is there any possibility I can have this recipe back? It has...

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