What is the "Nutrient Dashboard" feature of MyFitnessPal Premium?

By default, the MyFitnessPal Home screen shows your daily calorie goal, and your remaining calories, derived by adjusting your goal based on food you've eaten and exercise you've performed.

This at-a-glance summary serves most users well, but others may wish to customize the data shown on the Home screen dashboard.

Users who upgrade to MyFitnessPal Premium can select from several pre-set dashboard views, or may flexibly customize the view by selecting up to three nutrients to track, in addition to calories remaining. Pre-configured views include tracking options for Heart Healthy diets, those tracking a Low Carb diet, or, as shown here, a Macronutrients view for those users monitoring their daily intake of fat, carbs, and protein. (image: iOS app)

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2015 12:03PM PDT

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